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Why are Bollywood Movies Failing?

It's the year 2022 and we have seen how Bollywood movies have flopped on the box office one after the other. From Aamir Khan's "Laal Singh Chaddha" to Akshay Kumar's "Samrat Prithviraj", movies have failed to perform at the box office and in pleasing the audience. This does not include only megastars but even other actors like Aditya Roy Kapoor, Ranbir Kapoor, Ranveer Singh, Kangana Ranaut, Taapsee Pannu, and many more. It's been a tough year for the industry till now and we hope that the time turns better for the rest of the year.

The question that keeps on popping up is ' Why are these Bollywood Movies failing?' In Spite of such reputed actors, big budget movies, and creative directors, Bollywood movies are not able to hit the right spot with the audience. Is it the audience or the industry? Let's try to dig out the possible reasons.

Lot of remakes and less of originality

Bollywood Remakes
Relying too much on remakes

Moviemakers in the industry are choosing the easy way out by re-making already established movies in south industry or from Hollywood movies. Some recent examples are Lal Singh Chaddha, Jersey, and Loop Lapeta. Audience expects some creativity in terms of content while watching remakes and if they don't find it, they won't like the movie. The creativity can be brought through actors, background music, or songs. For example, the movie 83 worked due to the actors and story-telling despite being a well-known event in India. Also audiences tend to find these remakes monotonous and they will easily skip such movies.

Inappropriate Casting in Films

Samrat PrithviRaj
An example of Poor Casting

This has been noticed where megastars are casted in movies which are not at all suited for them. The most recent example is " Samrat Prithviraj " by Akshay Kumar. During the entire film, the audience found that they were watching Akshay Kumar and not Samrat Prithviraj. He was not at all into the character and we could say that it's a wasted opportunity for such a great story. A contrasting example can be seen in Netflix produced Movie Darlings where the cast was chosen so perfectly that it gave additional weightage to the story. Though it wasn't a Theatrical release it gained huge popularity.

Increased engagement on OTT platforms

Deluge of OTT Players

Though moviemakers earn a hefty amount of money by selling the digital streaming rights of their movies, this has an impact on audience engagement in terms of footfalls in theatre. Audiences are aware that any newly released movie will hit the OTT platforms within a month and they wait for their digital release. Also, back to back remakes and negatively reviewed movies encourage the audience to wait for the digital release of these movies. This has a negative impact on the performance of movies.

Innovation, Where art thou?

Lack of Innovation in Content is visible

Even the new stories and plots of Bollywood movies can be easily guessed by the audience and the amount of thrill and excitement is deteriorating in movies. Moviemakers are in a hurry to release the movie and within 40-50 days, a movie is shot and released as well. This hampers the creativity and innovation in the content which is still the primary reason for good performance of a movie.

According to us, these 4 are the primary factors which are affecting the performance of Bollywood movies in the industry and as a result the industry has experienced a major dip in the success of the movies.

By considering these factors and improving on the loopholes existing in the industry, Bollywood can come back stronger after this setback. We hope that upcoming movies fulfil the expectations of the audience and the year ends on a great note for both the audience as well as the moviemakers.

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