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THE Movie List of 2023

As we bid adieu to another year, the world of Cinema has once again left an indelible mark on our hearts and minds. The year 2023 has been a cinematic rollercoaster, offering audiences a diverse array of films that have entertained, enlightened, and enthralled. In this blog, we'll take a closer look at some of the standout movies combining both Bollywood & Hollywood that have defined the cinematic landscape in 2023. We also have covered some outstanding TV Series too in this list.

John Wick 4 - The Franchise Hit

John Wick 4, the last offering of the John Wick Series raised the bar of Action Movies significantly and ensured that the series finishes off in a grand style. It was an exhilarating experience for its fans to watch it in theatres after a long wait.


Killers of Flower moon - The Power-Duo is back

When you have DiCaprio and Martin Scorsese come together, you can definitely expect something to savour and Killers of the Flower Moon definitely does that. Like most of Scorsese’s Movies, this has a runtime of almost 3.5 hours but it still captivates you throughout. 


Anatomy of a fall - The World Cinema Entry

Considered to be one of the best movies of the year, the French movie Anatomy of a fall garnered a lot of interest during the film festivals. It is a courtroom drama revolving around a woman who is suspected of her husband and their blind son being the sole witness of that murder faces a moral dilemma. 


Animal - The best among the several Bollywood Mass hits this year

2023 saw a deluge of Mega blockbusters with SRK ruling the box-office with Pathaan, Jawan and to some extent Dunki. But Animal with its pre-release hype, its grand opening, and to some extent its external noise will be our choice among the mass hits. Special mention to couple of tunes outside the album (both Ranbir Kapoor and Bobby Deol’s entry songs) which became a craze gradually and still ruling the world of reels.


Sirf Ek Banda Kaafi hai - The Indian Courtroom Drama you shouldn’t miss

Sirf Ek banda was a stealer hit. A Zee5 release, it was based on a true story whose strength lay in putting forward the facts in a simple manner. This connected with the audience very well. Manoj Bajpai gave a stellar performance.


The Railway Men - One Hindi series you should watch

Railway Men has to be your OTT Hindi Series pick of the year with a true story told in a brilliant way through a strong cast. Based on the tragic Bhopal Gas incident, it tells an untold story of how a group of Railway Men played their part in saving the lives of many people and limiting the exposure of the gas. A must watch!


Blue eye samurai - Animation Pick of the Year

Blue Eye Samurai, a Netflix original Anime Series is deemed to be one of the best TV series of 2023.It revolves around a warrior in Edo-period Japan who seeks vengeance against those who made her an outcast. It is a riveting action packed series and a must-watch for all the Anime fans.


The Creator - Sci-Fi Pick with stunning VFX

Amongst the Sci-Fi Movies, The Creator which is based on a war between human race and forces of AI managed to create a lot of buzz and was appreciated for its brilliant VFX. Though the story was predictable and on the weaker side, its visual effects more than made up for it and forced the audience to visit the Theatres to experience it!


12th Fail - An Underdog Story

12th Fail, based on a true story, did quite well in spite of a very silent release and absence of any major superstars. The main reason of it being a feel-good movie which shows the struggles of lesser sections of society to achieve their dreams and the determination to reach their goals. Audience related with the truthfulness of the story and it became a word of mouth hit.


Talk to Me - For the Horror Fans

Horror movies are the all-time favourite of a lot of Movie Buffs. But it is more challenging to create a horror movie which engages the audience with the right amount of chill and scare factor. Talk to me won’t be something which folks will remember in years to come but it still has an original story which captivates the audience. If you are looking for a top horror pick of 2023, go for it.


Gulmohar - A fresh family movie

Family dramas saw a huge comeback in Bollywood in 2023 but while most of them were dull and boring (e.g. Rocky aur Rani kii prem kahaani, Satyaprem ki katha) Gulmohar was a very fresh watch. With a huge ensemble cast, it managed to create and maintain multiple subplots very nicely. 


OppenHeimer - A Different Nolan

And we end with OppenHeimer, which also created a huge buzz before its release due to a couple of reasons, one it being a Nolan film and secondly with its clash with Barbie. Verdicts differ on which film was better but both of them hit the right chord with their respective audience. OppenHeimer was very much a different Nolan movie where the complexity factor was little less but the perfection was there for everyone to see.


Hope you have liked the list and have seen some of these if not all! Comment down if we have missed your favourites of the year so that we can add them to our watchlist.

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