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What Makes ELVIS Worthy of 8 Oscar Nominations?

Fame comes with a number of benefits and most famous people have a very strong impact on the people who follow them. If used in the right direction, stardom can be used to help resolve various issues. Elvis is a movie about the singer Elvis Presley who uses his stardom to raise his voice against serious issues. The movie has been nominated for 8 oscar categories which says a lot about the film. Let's find out what makes the movie a strong choice for the nominations.

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Presley had a poor childhood being raised in Mississippi. He used to find his muse in marvel comics and music was his companion. After moving to Memphis he is teased for having a deep interest in African-American music. Colonel Tom Parker, Presley’s former manager, is remembering all this on his deathbed. Parker was a carnival huckster, he saw Presley at a Louisiana Hayride concert. He was impressed with Presley and found him sexually appealing. Parker reaches out to Presley and asks him to trust Parker with his career. People have mixed feelings about Elvis as they think that his music will affect young white American kids.

Presley gets into legal trouble, and to get him out of this situation, Parker asks the government to enrol him in the US Army instead of any other legal action. While serving in the US army, Presley hears about his mother, who died due to excess alcoholism. He finds comfort in a teenage girl, Priscilla, who was the daughter of an air force pilot. After completing his term in the army, Presly resumed his career and married Priscilla. He sees a lot over the period of time. Presley wants his music to be more politically engaged but Parker only lets him release feel-good music to avoid controversy. Things go south when he starts feeling bound by Parker’s contract. He starts doing drugs and Priscilla ends up divorcing him. Later Presley realises that Parker cannot leave the country due to legal reasons and hence doesn’t allow him to go on a world tour. They had a fight about some funding and debts and they end up parting ways.

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The movie was released in June of 2022 and earned a decent amount at the box office. Not only the movie did great business but it also received great ratings. ELVIS has received 7.4/10 ratings on IMDb and 77% on RottenTomatoes. The fact that this movie was inspired by a real-life character makes it much more special. The way Austin played the role of Elvis is beyond any appreciation. The movie was emotional, respectful and captivating, a total blockbuster and worthy of every oscar nomination it has received. Austin himself is also nominated for the award of best actor. Every year a number of great movies make it to the Oscars and it's always refreshing to watch which movie made it to the top.

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