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Succession is Here With Another Season of Family Business Drama

Comedy might seem like an easy job, but the reality is the opposite. To make a great comic series, the comic timing might matter even more than the storyline. In shows like F.R.I.E.N.D.S and How I Met Your Mother, each episode was independent of the other. You could watch any episode at any time irrespective of the sequence and it’ll still be as funny as when observed in a series. To make a good comedy show, and in that too in the dark comedy genre, is a tough deal. But Succession has flawlessly released 3 seasons and is now ready for Season 4 to be released in March. Let’s do a quick recap of the show.

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Succession revolves around the Roy family. Logan Roy, the head of the family and owner of the media conglomerate Waystar RoyCo is sick and his four children have started dreaming of their future in the company after their father dies. Connor is the oldest son who is removed from the family. Followed by Kendall, who is a strong independent woman hungry for power. Roman is a disrespectful man who doesn’t take anyone seriously and savvy Shiv takes care of the political drama going on. This show has won many prestigious awards like the Golden Globe award and the Emmys. Not only the show, but the cast has also been honoured with prestigious awards for their role in the drama.

HBO has gifted us with several superhits shows with a wide range of genres. Suppose you haven’t already watched the show. In that case, you may find the story a bit slow in the beginning but trust us when we say that the beginning episodes are to build up the storyline. These are very important for character development which will later make the show worthy of every minute you spend on it. Succession accurately shows the drama that goes down in billionaire families in terms of passing down the family business and who will play what role once the owner resigns. How far will the fight go, and will blood relatives give up on each other for money and success? And of course, who wouldn’t lose their temper while dealing with huge sums of money? The crude and foul language in the show keeps it more realistic. As the episodes progress, you’ll understand why personal and professional matters should always be kept separate.

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The beautiful location of New York City adds to the cinematography which is perfectly done. We expect that the struggle for dominance will continue in the upcoming season as well and we won’t be disappointed by the creators. In the trailer, we can see the children of the Roy family scheming against their father because now the stakes are high and every step ahead can either make them the owner or they’ll lose everything they have. We still do not have any idea if this will be a wrap or if the creators have further plans of continuing the story, so let’s wholeheartedly welcome season 4 while we wait to discover what’s new.

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