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OTT vs Theatres - The Race is on

Updated: May 17, 2022

The viewership pattern of the entertainment industry's content has changed and it will never be the same again!

With the inclusion of OTT platforms in our day-to-day lives, the mode of viewing TV shows and movies has completely changed. Viewers can now get access to a plethora of movies and TV shows at their fingertips which was not the case earlier.

Watching newly released movies was considered a major event in earlier times. The excitement of watching a newly released movie in a theater was unmatchable.

This article will talk about the evolution of viewing the entertainment industry's content. It will also talk about some of the major benefits and difficulties caused by the inclusion of OTT platforms.

How did the entertainment industry deliver its content earlier?

In the earlier days, the mode of delivering content was restricted to only two mediums. One was delivering it through theatres and the other was to deliver it through television. The mode of delivering the content as well as the quantity of the content itself was limited during the earlier times.

Access to newly released movies was only through theatres. Frequent visits to theatres for watching movies were not easily affordable for everyone and as a result, it was considered a major event for the masses. (remember the popcorn bucket??) This explains the excitement we used to get when we planned to watch a movie in theatres in earlier times. Many of us have stories from the times when tickets for good movies used to be available in the black market outside single-screen theatres. Those days are mostly gone now, with exception of some of the big-budget South Indian movies.

Moviemakers during those times were resistant to taking big risks and casted just the established and successful actors in the movies. As a result, opportunities for new artists were limited as compared to the present times.

The situation with TV shows was somewhat similar. Viewers could not have access to all the episodes simultaneously and had to wait till the next episode arrived. In short, viewers could not binge watch any particular show. Easy and immediate access to TV content was also not possible at that time.

Before OTT
The Theatre Regime

How is the content delivered now?

With the advent of OTT platforms and other video streaming platforms, the industry has evolved in delivering its content. Viewers now have a plethora of platforms like Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, and many more to watch the content.

Access to all the content is now easy, immediate, and affordable. The inflow of content in the industry has also increased exponentially and it has helped in the recognition of talented artists as well. Almost all moviemakers plan to release their movies on these OTT platforms. Along with this, the OTT platforms also create their own content which adds to the large inflow of content in the industry.

With the inclusion of OTT platforms, language is no more a barrier when it comes to the entertainment industry. Viewers can get access to their favorite content in the language they are comfortable in. I hardly think K-Dramas of the world had any chance in pre-OTT India.

With the inclusion of OTT platforms in the industry, the thrill of watching a newly released movie has decreased slightly, as viewers get easy access to the content. It also has impacted the theatre visits and as a result, theatres have suffered, especially during the pandemic.

After OTT
OTT takes over

A difficulty that is created by OTT platforms and other video streaming platforms

As mentioned earlier, the inflow of content has increased significantly and viewers have a plethora of choices. The difficulty arrives in making a suitable choice. This choice will differ from person to person and a generic recommendation can not work for everyone.

Although viewers have easy and immediate access to a plethora of content, they cannot decide 'What to watch?' that easily. Along with this, they also face a problem about the selected content not being a suitable choice, at least for them.

RecoBee is here to solve this difficulty by providing a platform where you can discuss movies and TV shows with your friends and other like-minded viewers. This will help you to decide on 'What to watch?' and you won't waste time watching unsuitable content. You may even ask for reviews from your friends for any movies before you take the plunge of investing a few hours; or a few days for a TV series.

Along with this, you also get access to a lot of other features like watchlists, trailer updates, content availability on OTT, and amazing contests with exciting prizes.

So, simplify the difficulty of what to watch?' by downloading the RecoBee App. ⬇️

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