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Murder Mystery 2 The Chaotic Couple is Back with Another Case to Solve

Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston, two legendary actors, what will happen if they share the screen? For that we have to watch Murder Mystery, which is now back with its sequel. So if you haven’t already watched the first one, what are you waiting for?

Murder Mystery 2

Murder Mystery is a comedy movie with a mysterious take. Nick Spitz (Adam Sandler) and Audrey (Jennifer Aniston) go on a trip to Europe after Audrey confronts Nick that he never took her on the promised trip. Nick lies about already making a reservation. On their flight to their vacation spot, Audrey meets billionaire Charles Cavendish who invites them to a private yacht engagement party of his elder uncle. Since Nick had booked a poorly organised trip in a hurry, he agrees to the invitation and they join the party. Little did they know that this would bring them trouble in a foreign country. Cavendish’s uncle Quince announces at the party that only her new wife will get his inheritance because he thinks all his relatives are after his money. But before he could sign the papers for his new will, the lights go off and he is murdered on the yacht with a dagger.

The actual ‘Murder Mystery’ starts after this accident, and Quince isn’t the only person who dies. As the movie unfolds a few other people end up dead. Nick asks everyone to go and lock themselves in the room. In the morning, everyone on board is questioned by Inspector de la Croix, who suspects that Nick and Audrey have committed the crime. They were the only ones who were invited under suspicious conditions and were not a part of the family. The following investigation is quite fun to watch and you will love the drama. Now that the movie is back with a sequel and the trailer is banging. Nick and Audrey are invited to a destination wedding, AGAIN!! Audrey is a bit concerned because the last time they attended a wedding, a lot of people died, and well, not a spoiler but yes this wedding season will also include, if not many, at least one murder. The movie is going to be full of action, drama and of course comedy. The movie might not have received excellent reviews but it can be a good option for a family movie night.

Murder mystery 2

The movie's plot was quite clever, it showed the case being solved and on the side beautifully depicted how Jennifer and Adam were working on their marriage which has been all over the place in the past few years. The movie wouldn’t be a hit if it was released in theatres but we think it would do pretty well on the OTT. The light-hearted comedy and our favourite stars as a couple was all we needed and the sequel is just the cherry on top. Will Audrey’s prediction be right? Will they never be invited to another marriage considering their reputation, because every wedding they attend turns into a mess?

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