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Mission Majnu - Love of a RAW Agent for his Country India

We have always admired good biographies and movies based on real life events. Movies like Shershaah, Raazi, Neerja and many more have left us with tears in our eyes. One such movie is all set to release on Netflix in the upcoming week.

Mission Majnu is a movie based on real life events of a RAW agent set in 1970. Life of a RAW agent cannot be described in words as they have to compromise everything for the love of their country, that includes their family, their loved ones, their personal life and sometimes they have to sacrifice their life in order to serve their country. The movie is based on the life of Amandeep Singh, who is moved to Pakistan on an undercover mission. He has to uncover the truth about how Pakistan has been making nuclear weapons illegally. The movie is all about how Amanjeet managed to carry on his mission while balancing his love life with his girlfriend Nasreen. The movie will remind you of Raazi in some aspects, but critics have said that the movie lacks the drama needed to tell a story based on real events.

Mission Majnu Poster

The story is set before the Indo-Pak war of 1971. The film was scheduled to release in may of 2022; but was indefinitely delayed and is now being released on 20th january. The fact that the life of RAW agents is kept confidential and their real identity is never exposed to the public for security purposes, makes these movies more interesting in various ways. A commoner will never know what goes in preparing an agent to live in a completely different environment without getting caught, because being identified means death for a secret agent. The relations between India and Pakistan have never been entirely on good terms which can be seen in various such movies set in the period of wars.

People have shown immense love to the trailer and we are hoping the movie will do justice to the life of Amandeep singh. We don’t often get such exposure to see what a person did for a country. Sidharth Malhotra seems to have done an overwhelming job in Shershaah and we expect nothing less. Rashmika Mandanna also has a huge fan base among youth, it will be exciting to watch these two young stars sharing the screen for the first time.

Mission majnu trailer

The trailer shows how Amandeep has to push himself physically in order to carry out the mission. In the movie, he was expected not to use any weapon but only his intelligence. He had to find the location of the place where nuclear weapons were being made and had to neutralise it without getting noticed. To live among your enemies and adjust according to their surroundings for collecting intelligence is a very crucial task. Mission Majnu name was given as this was the code name assigned to the mission allotted to Amandeep. The chemistry between Rashmika and Sidharth seems good. Let’s wait for the movie with open arms and shower our love on the masterpiece by Shantanu Bagchi.

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