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Mayfair Witches - A Spooky Start of the Season

We have grown up listening to stories of fairies and witches. But in earlier times, witches were shown as a negative character whose sole purpose was to harm the commoners or fairies. But as the cinema advanced, the stories have changed. With famous shows like Vampire Diaries and Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, we have developed an affection for witches. Mayfair Witches is a new show with only one episode being released yet, the show can only be watched on AMC for now but we hope it makes its debut on other OTT platforms as well. We are here to give you a preview of the show ;)

What to Expect From the Show

Mayfair witches

The first episode of Mayfair Witches aired on 8th January 2023, and people have mixed reviews about the show, mostly positive. In the first episode, our lead character Dr. Rowan Fielding, who is a neurosurgeon, experienced some weird things. Whenever Rowan is severely angry or upset with someone, she ends up killing that person using her mind. Rowan is shocked and confused about these accidents. She starts looking for answers and starts searching for her biological parents as Rowan was adopted as a child. To get her answers she must know her heritage. Rowan’s adoptive mother Elena is very supportive of her but when Rowan tells her about her visions and the accidents, she avoids the conversation and asks Rowan to stop overthinking. She however is firm and determined to find her parents. After a few contacts and speculations Rowan finds out that every Mayfair has some secret abilities and as Rowan dives deep into the ocean of secrets, she discovers various things related to her past. The first episode is all about building the story and is quite spooky. As they say first impression is the last impression, Mayfair Witches has certainly grabbed our attention.

What to Expect with Upcoming Episodes and is it Worth a While?

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The show is an adaptation of Anne Rice’s book who is well known for writing the script of ‘Interview with a Vampire’. The show has a feminist touch to it and audiences have loved the story till now. Rowan is a surgeon who has to face various problems at her workplace due to her gender. The show however has a legacy and name to maintain but the first episode hasn’t been able to make a strong statement. However we shouldn’t judge the whole show based on just one episode and let's wait for the next few before reaching the conclusion.

The first episode had a mix of all the elements, spookiness, great performances by the cast and a decent screenplay, the show managed to put us in a witchy spirit. In the end of first episode, Lasher, Rowan’s nemesis confronts her on her boat. They are both left stranded in the middle of the ocean. Now it will be interesting to see where the situation leads to, and since Lasher has found her, the Mayfair family (biological family of Rowan) will now be on alert and will try to protect Rowan. The upcoming episodes will be all about Rowan finding out about her powers and trying to control them as however angry she must have been, she wasn’t happy that she killed two people out of anger without any intentions of actually hurting them physically. It will be an interesting journey to follow so let's buckle up and wait for the next episode.

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