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Knock at the Cabin Will You Sacrifice one of Your Loved ones to Save the World?

Going on a vacation and getting stuck in an unwanted situation in a place where you have no support from anyone is the worst thing that could happen. ‘Knock at the Cabin’ is the story of a family who is out for a vacation but things turn wrong, horribly wrong.

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Wen is a seven-year-old girl visiting her cabin in the remote areas of rural Pennsylvania, with her parents Eric and Andrew. One day, While playing outside their cabin, Wen is approached by Leonard, who seems friendly at first. He asks Wen to help him save the world. She starts playing with Leonard and starts catching grasshoppers, but gets suspicious when three more people join them with some weapons. Wen runs to her parents to warn them, but it's too late. All four of the strangers break into their cabin and hit Eric on the head. Leonard and the other three strangers, Sabrina, Adriane, and Redmond say that they have never met each other before and do not want to hurt the family. However, they have been having visions for the last few days about them. Leonard explains that the visions were about an apocalypse. The oceans would rise, a plague would spread all over the places, and the sky would be covered with never-ending darkness. All this can be prevented, but according to their dreams, the family has to sacrifice one of their members. The group of strangers warn them that if they do not choose, they’ll survive, but they will be the only person left on the entire planet. Eric and Andrew do not believe a word they said and are sure it is just a way to fulfil their motive of hurting the family. They refuse to choose, so the strangers kill Redmond. Eric sees a ray of light when Redmond is being killed. The very same day, they see on the news that a huge tsunami has started breaking out and now the family is to blame for the upcoming catastrophe.

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The movie has received mixed reviews, Knock at the Cabin is directed by an Indian-American film director M. Night Shyamalan. The movie was released in theatres on 3rd February and is an apocalyptic psychological thrille movie. The movie has a pretty amazing plot and it may not have received great reviews but the movie is worth the time. The family constantly fights back the strangers and tries to convince them that it is just a coincidence that the tsunamis are hitting just when they had visions. Sabrina, Adriane and Leonard are not ready to accept this and want to sacrifice one of the members to help avoid this chaos. Eric is killed by Andrew to stop everything and she then drives off with Wen. The catastrophic events stop after the death of Eric. Viewers have liked the concept, creators have paid attention to the details and characters are very well developed alongside the storyline.

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