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Glass Onion - A Knives Out Mystery

If you are looking for a light murder mystery- crime thriller to avoid an intense screenplay, Glass Onion - A Knives out Mystery is the movie for you. When Covid- 19 barged in and no one had anything to do except for being stuck in one place, we were all looking for distractions and ways to kill time. The movie is about a billionaire who invites his friends for a getaway and has fun on his island.

Summary of the Movie

Glass Onion - Knives Out Poster

Miles Brown, a tech billionaire and co-founder of the Alpha Company, invites his four friends to the island, Connecticut governor Claire Debella, Alpha head scientist Lionel Toussaint, controversial fashion designer Birdie Jay, and men’s right streamer Duke Cody. Bernie’s assistant and Duke’s girlfriend also join Cassandra, who co-founded Alpha. As the plan was to host a murder mystery game, a very famous detective, Benoit Blanc was also invited to join the party, but the suspicious part was that Miles didn’t invite him. However, Miles let Blanc stay, assuming that one of his friends might have invited him to the gathering as a joke. Blanc solves the fake mystery case easily but also warns Miles that one of his guests might try to kill him, soon after that Duke dies after drinking from Mike's glass and everyone is shocked.

A lot of unexpected things start to uncover once Benoit Blanc starts investigating what was going on on the island. Before the so-called vacation started, the bond between Miles and friends was exemplary but as the days passed by, it all turned into a huge mess. Every character in the movie has a questionable past and secrets that they have been hiding, making everyone a suspect of committing a crime.

Is it worth your time?

Glass Onion - Knives Out Scene

Although the movie is fun to watch and has a solid screenplay, the excess details given about the character's past will make it easier for you to guess who the murderer may be. After the first Knives Out film, people have liked this movie since the mystery and puzzles are very intriguing although as compared to the first movie, this was a little predictable. The movie perfectly shows how money can not buy you loyalty and how friends might turn against each other if given the motive.

The Performances by Daniel Craig and Jenelle have added fun to the screenplay, the set-up, the view of the island and everything about the visuals is pretty aesthetic. Some parts may be a bit confusing but the fact that they haven’t used any special effects and CGI makes it authentic and worth your time, the movie also provides you with bits of comedy from time to time and the comic scenes perfectly blend in with the serious scenes. The beginning is quite interesting and entertaining, the title itself explains the movie as just like an onion, the story will have layers and layers of hints and mysteries.

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