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FAIR PLAY, A Steamy Corporate Romance With Rivalries

You must have seen movies and shows where the lead couple has to hide their relations because of company policies. Well, forbidden romance definitely makes a good movie. Fair Play recently had its premiere at the Sundance Film Festival. The story revolves around a twisted couple Luke and Emily.

Fair play movie poster

Luke and Emily bond after a steamy affair at an engagement party. They instantly click with each other and fall in love, but sadly they can’t talk about their relationship with their friends or families. They both work as analysts in a hedge fund company where romantic relations between two employees are against the company policies. They keep their relationship alive and happening behind closed doors and are happy with catching a glimpse of each other in the elevators and office, but how long will the relationship continue peacefully?

Luke was expected to get promoted to the portfolio manager’s position for the hedge fund but instead, Emily gets the promotion. Campbell, their boss and the owner of the company, states that Emily is a more important asset to the company than Luke could have ever been. This shift of events makes the romantic relationship between Luke and Emily weak. Luke’s ego is hurt and he cannot see this shift of power, Emily now being in a higher position in the firm.

Domont has done wonders in writing the screenplay. As the movie continues we can see the relationship getting toxic. Luke’s jealousy and insecurity takes over his feelings and he blasts Emily. Emily herself was very pissed and this started a war between the two.

The movie will be released on Netflix pretty soon. The role of Emily has been played flawlessly by Phoebe Dynevor. We guess Phoebe has a thing for strong feminist roles. Her role in this movie is no different from the role she played in Bridgerton, but surely there are no similarities as well if you know what we mean. The role of Emily as a confident, beautiful and bold working woman who doesn’t let her partner’s rage tear her down will definitely be loved by the audience. Phoebe has done wonders while playing the character. Emily doesn’t let her personal life affect her work and she understands the world of finance. Both Luke and Emily are very determined about their job and are very well aware of the work they display as employees. Alden Ehrenreich will charm you with his passionate character, but his reaction towards Emily’s promotion will not be among our favourites.

Fair Play scenes

The movie is filled with so much drama that not even a single minute of the movie will be dull. One after another, the scenes are just so well narrated that they will keep you entertained throughout. The movie was sold to Netflix for $20 million. Even before its release, Fair Play created quite a buzz. This was Domont’s feature directorial debut and no doubt she left us speechless. She has done a great job creating a movie with steamy corporate drama and keeping it serious and professional at the same time.

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