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Which Movie Grabbed The Most Number of Oscars In 2022 ?

Oscars 2022

Oscars or as we know them The Academy Awards are known to be the most prestigious awards of the entertainment industry worldwide. The awards are distributed as an appreciation for technical and artistic merits of a movie, song or other aspects of entertainment.

Every year a number of movies are nominated for the Academy Awards, and being nominated itself is a prestigious achievement but to receive one is what you call success of a movie. The Oscars have a selection committee which judges the nominated pieces on various parameters and that is what makes these awards so honored.

DUNE- Won 6 Academy Awards in 2022

Dune is a science fiction movie showing the distant future of a planet. Paul Atreides, played by Timothee Chamalet, is born into a great dynasty. Paul is a gifted child and grows up to be a brilliant man. Being born in a great dynasty comes hand in hand with great responsibilities and the young man must travel to the most dangerous planet, as he has some duties to fulfill and must take care of his family’s future. Dune shows the fight for survival and to attain precious life sources between communities which might be something we humans have to fight for in the coming future considering the alarming rates of global warming. There have been many adaptations of the same concept earlier, but this movie is hands down the best of them. This is the first movie of a two-movie series, based on a novel of the same name, written by Frank Herbert. The movie is just one half of the novel and the second part is yet to come. The ecological warfare to live in critical conditions shown in this movie gives us a message to analyze our actions and be thankful to what we are provided with.

Dune movie poster

The commendable acting of Zendaya and Timothee as the leads of the movie was appreciated and the movie was praised in all the corners of the globe. The movie was full of futuristic combats, feuds between royal houses and the prophecies of a superbeing.

Dune was nominated for 10 categories, which itself was a huge success for the creators and the movie managed to win in 6 categories. The movie won Oscars in the following categories : Editing, Cinematography, Visual effects, Score, Production design and Sound. The creators were appreciated for the futuristic approach taken towards survival and how the scientific fiction was kept close to the humanitarian realities. Usually movies don't do justice to the novels they are based on, but this movie has not disappointed us. The direction has been perfect and the story hasn't been butchered.

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