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Which Movie Grabbed the Award for Best Movie by AARP?

Hundreds and thousands of movies and shows are made every year, but we see that the primary target audience for these shows and movies is the younger generations. So, who is making movies for grown-ups? AARP’s Movies for Grownups Awards were held on 28th January, and Top Gun: Maverick won the award for the best film. AARP is an American organization focusing on the needs and issues affecting retired people. Let’s find out what makes Top Gun: Maverick the best choice for the award.

Top Gun Maverick

The plot of the Movie:

Pete Maverick Michelle graduated 30 years ago from Top Gun. He was a celebrated fighter pilot who must return to the academy as an instructor for most elite pilots of the USA. Maverick’s late friend Goose’s son, Bradly Bradshaw, will also train under him. As he returns to his home ground, a place where he learnt numerous things and the place which added meaning to his life, he is struck by the mistakes he has made in the past. With a great name comes great responsibilities and he must face his past to welcome a meaningful future. There were many doubts when the movie was released.

A sequel of a movie always has a lot of pressure and with Top Gun making a comeback after so many years, it was indeed a special screening. Tom Cruise has once again served us with excellence and now the movie is available on streaming platforms for everyone to sit back at home and enjoy a masterpiece.

Paramount Pictures released Maverick which became the most-watched movie in streaming and the best-selling digital release in no time. The movie broke various streaming records but the release of Avatar at the end of the year shadowed Top Gun: Maverick. The movie is a perfect piece of entertainment for people who are in love with the airborne speeds and Navy blues. The angle of Military friendships shown in the movie is very heartwarming to watch. Viewers have credited the movie to be superior to the classic Top Gun movie by the late Tony Scott. The concepts of bromance, loyalty and friendship shown here are swoon-worthy.

Tom Cruise scene

No doubt the movie was loved by the AARP committee, afterall, who doesn’t love a nice patriotic movie? The movies being made these days are more for the newer generation and such good movies are generally left underappreciated. Still, Maverick was a hit not only among the older adults but also the youth. It sparked a sense of duty towards one’s country. It might not be able to make any significant impact on the people’s life but it certainly won some hearts. Even if we try, we would not be able to do any justice to explain the action scenes and the flight sequences in the movie. The cinematography was top notch and so were the ratings this movie received from the critics and the viewers. Only a few movies can make an impact which cannot be overruled by anyone and Top Gun: Maverick left no space empty for complaints.

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