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What are the New Technologies Being Used in Cinema?

With every new year, everyone becomes excited to begin a new chapter in their life and look forward to the challenges and achievements this year has to offer. With the changing time we have come a long way in the technologies used in the cinematic world and that has been making our experiences better day by day.

All the effects used to display a completely different word and provide us with the best picture qualities. We’ve come from watching black and white movies in poor quality to watching movies in 3 dimensions. Let us see what are the new changes that cinema is going through to enhance the movie experience multifold.

Virtual Reality -

Virtual Reality

Slightly similar to the 3-D technology, virtual reality enhances the experience of the movie, VR creates an atmosphere of illusion making you believe that you are a part of the story.

Virtual reality has three types which provide you with different experiences like -

  • Non- Immersive Virtual Reality - Your favourite day-to-day video game devices are an example of non-immersive virtual reality, it worlds through a computer screen and while you are in control of the panel, it allows you to be aware of your physical surroundings.

  • Semi- Immersive Virtual Reality - It provides you realism through the 3 dimensional technology. You are provided with a partially virtual environment but are in control of your physical surroundings. You might have seen these devices being used for educational purposes or in displays with high resolution.

  • Fully Immersive Virtual Reality - The user is provided with VR glasses and a head mount display in order to provide you the most realistic experience with the virtual world and the sounds being controlled by the theme. You may even confuse it with the real world as the set-up is made to make you believe that you are a part of the VR.

Glasses- Free 3D -

3D without glasses

Usually we need 3D glasses to enjoy a 3 dimensional movie but glasses-free 3 dimensional technique is based on creating optical illusions to the human eye and making your brain believe that the image in front of you is actually 3 dimensional. The method used in such image development is called autostereoscopic. Years ago the 3 D technology was mind bending for us but the developers refused to stop and kept on tricking the most advanced computer of all time that is our brain. Our brain holds the capacity which no one has completely understood as yet but to develop a technology for confusing our brain is commendable.

3 D printing -

3D Printing

Gone are the days when we had to make every prop and every set by our hands. The film industry has now switched to 3 D printing for developing props, sets and designs, reducing the time taken to build them and also the human effort.

With the increase in technology and the way everything is made so easy to use, it has become easier for the creators and directors to display their digital thoughts. Earlier the movies used to be more realistic due to lack of equipment but the technology has given wings to the imagination. We get to see fresh content and also the reduction in time helps directors display multiple projects in a short time, giving us variety and a huge range to choose from.

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