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Top Korean Historical Dramas to Freshen up Your Mind

Are you a fan of historical dramas? But don’t know where to find a good one? We are here to help you to freshen up your mind and to give you the best Korean historical dramas. As the fandom of Korean dramas is increasing day by day, people are constantly looking for different genres and stories. Historical dramas take us on a journey to a different time period. The directors always pay close attention to details and show the right course of action for the dynasty that ruled in that particular time period. Here are some of the most watched historical dramas for you to look forward to.

Under The Queen’s Umbrella -

Under the Queen's umbrella movie poster

The drama is set in the Joseon dynasty. It shows the top 1% of the Korean population, which generally includes the royals and people from the upper community. In the drama, the princes, who somehow are always the centre of all the troubles, and their families are concerned about their behaviour and decide to send them to a school so that they can learn to behave properly. The actors have done a great job in playing their role be it negative or a positive role. The show has depicted a mother’s love for their child in an accurate way and the way they have sensibly shown lgbtq community and how people reacted towards them is worthy of praise.

Moonshine -

Moonshine Movie Poster

What will you do if you have debts over your head and every possible way to pay it off has been a failure. The story is about a poor woman, Kang Ro-seo, who lives with her brother and is in desperate need of money. When alcohol gets prohibited in Joseon era, she starts preparing freshly brewed alcohol at her home and sells it illegally at night by dressing up as a male. It is not an ordinary Korean drama and shows the corruption in the government. The drama is full of comic incidents and the love angle between a woman who is selling alcohol illegally and the man who is an inspector is quite fun to watch. Will he be able to uncover the truth? For that you will have to watch the show ;)

The Red Sleeve -

Red Sleeve Movie Poster

As a king, nothing comes before your kingdom and this drama shows us how a king leaves everything behind to fulfil his duties towards the kingdom and keeps his duties above love, whereas the court lady is determined to live the life that has been chosen for her and will make sure she keeps her best face forward. The chemistry and cinematography is worth dying for. This drama is based on a novel by the same name. We often get to watch a love drama but this has a unique take towards the storyline. The show is said to be based on the real life story of king Jeongjo and the royal courtesan Ui, hence making it unique.

Secretory Royal Inspector and Joy -

Secretory Royal Inspector and Joy movie poster

What better than falling in love with someone who has the same mindset as yours? This show is about a young gourmet who unintentionally manages to become a royal inspector, and a divorced woman who is ready to take control of her own life and is in search of happiness. The actors are surely underrated when compared to the excellence they have added to the drama but the storyline might seem a bit off at some points. The show has plenty of comic scenes and will not disappoint you if you are looking for a light drama to entertain yourself. Both our lead actor and actresses work together to investigate the politicians who are involved in corrupt activities and fall in love with each other in the course of revealing the truth.

The King’s Affection -

The King's affection movie poster

Life doesn’t always go as planned. This Korean drama shows the love of a mother and how superstitions can sometimes be heartbreaking. The Crown Princess Consort gives birth to twins, a boy and a girl child. In the Joseon dynasty, twins were considered an ill omen and hence an order to kill the girl child was passed. But a mother’s heart can never agree to this and sends her daughter away. The story takes an unexpected turn when the male twin dies and the Crown Princess asks the female twin to change her appearance and take her brother’s place. This 12 episode long drama is binge worthy and will take you on an emotional rollercoaster.

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