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The Whale, Side of The World We all Fear to Face

Ever been in a situation where you are being body-shamed or someone else is being made fun of because of their appearance? Body shaming and other forms of shaming have been a shameful part of society. Certain facial features, colors, or shapes of the body are considered beautiful, while the rest don't fit the unrealistic beauty standards set by society.

Every year several people undergo depressive events and even end up committing suicide because of this cruel habit, which we mask as “JOKE”. We don’t see many movies which talk about such topics, but we are here with a movie for you to watch, which has a beautiful message alongside a beautiful story.

The Whale poster

The plot of the Movie

The Whale is the story of Charlie, a morbidly obese English Professor, who takes online classes for college writing courses. Charlie keeps his webcam off due to a lack of confidence and in an attempt to hide his appearance from the students. He has only one friend, Liz, who nurses him and has asked him several times to visit the hospital because Charlie is at serious risk of congestive heart failure.

Charlie never visits the hospital because he doesn’t have any health insurance that can cover his medications. Despite repeatedly being warned, his eating habits are no good either. He orders a pizza almost every day and asks the delivery guy to leave it on the door. Charlie keeps human interactions as minimal as possible. But how long can he go on like this? Charlie tries to reconnect with her daughter, whom he hasn’t seen since she was eight years old. He wants her daughter to grow up into a caring, loving and mature woman, but his ex-wife doesn’t want him anywhere near him. In a confrontation with his ex-wife Mary, his daughter Ellie, and Liz, Charlie reveals that he has a hefty amount of money in his bank account. Liz is very disappointed that he never used the money to cure himself. Now that Charlie’s health is declining, he wants to make some amends and wants to know that he did at least one right thing in his entire life.

The whale scene

The critics have loved the movie, and have appreciated Brendan Fraser’s role as Charlie. He has done a great job playing the role and will leave you in tears with the emotional connection he builds through his character. Darren Aronofsky has definitely done a commendable job with the storyline and the cinematography. The heartwarming equation between a father and daughter who haven’t been in touch with each other for years, the story of a person who spends almost his entire day stuck in a room away from human interaction in the fear of judgment, and the trauma from the past which lead to this point are definitely worth watching.

Any number of reviews or ratings cannot do justice to the movie, every actor has played a significant role and contributed to the storytelling. Critics marked Brendan’s performance as the performance of a lifetime and the movie is definitely a life-changing experience in itself. So, if you haven’t watched the movie yet, it’s never too late.

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