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The Last of Us, A Run Through Post- Apocalyptic World

We have often seen various movies being made on the theme of a video game and also various video games have been developed based on movie characters. If a movie or a game is liked by the audience, developers work very hard to provide us with better experiences by converting them into video games or movies respectively. The Last of Us is a world renowned video game series played by gamers around the world, and now this fabulous game is being converted into a TV series by HBO.

About The Video Game Series and the Show

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The Last of Us, released in 2013, is an action-adventure game series which was developed by Naughty Dog. The game is basically about escaping a certain situation or place. The main character Joel is a smuggler and has to escort a teenage girl, Ellie through, in a post-apocalyptic United States. The game is played with the perspective of a 3rd person. The game is full of hostile humans and creatures infected by some kind of mutated fungus. The bond between Joel and Ellie is developed as the game advances.

This is now being developed as an American show by Craig Mazin and Neil Druckmann. In the show Joel will be played by Pedro Pascal and Ellie will be played by Bella Ramsay. The show will be the largest television production in Canada, and the first season will have 9 episodes. We have seen The Resident Evil movie series which was made based on a video game and the viewers definitely loved it. The series had a similar interface where a group of people had to escape a zombie apocalypse. It will be exciting to watch how the developers have narrated the story as a movie, because it will be a tough job. The game was set after 20 years of an apocalypse. By then, all the humans have turned into mindless monsters. Joel and Ellie will have to kill to survive. The show will have given us plenty of action and gunfights.

What Do the Critics Have to Say?

The last of us

Critics are quite hopeful and are ready to welcome the show. Joel is an emotionally numb character who is raw and haunted. He is in immense grief and doesn’t like to show his emotions, but Pascal as an actor is a very sensitive person. As the story of the game develops Joel becomes soft for Ellie. He must deliver her to a group called Fireflies as she is immune to the virus and the scientists are looking forward to developing a vaccine using her immunity. The show will be aired on 15th January 2023 by HBO network. Audience expectations are quite high from HBO, as they have delivered hits like Game of Thrones and Euphoria which have served us with great entertainment. People have loved the trailers and everyone has great expectations. The reviewers have said the show to be addictive, and excellent; and also have rated the show with great numbers.

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