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The Golden Spoon What is it Like to Walk in Someone Else’s Shoes?

Being born into a poor family comes with a lot of struggle and we all wish to be born into a super-rich family where we do not have to face those troubles, but does it solve all the problems? ‘The Golden Spoon’ is a Korean drama with the same concept.

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Lee Seung-cheon is born into a poor family who uses a golden spoon to change fates with a friend of his, Hwang Tae-Yong, who was born in a rich family (wish we all were born with a golden spoon). After switching lives, Lee-Seung realises that money doesn’t always mean comfort and neither does it guarantee happiness. He always complained about his status and used to rank students of his class based on how rich they are, while he worked as a delivery boy to meet the ends. He envies the rich kids who are out taking tuition while he is working at the convenience store.

One day, while he was working, his friend Park Jin-Seok visits him at the store and they talk about some imaginably terrifying things. But Seung Cheon thinks of it as a joke while Jin-Seok seemed to be deadly serious. The next day, Seung Cheon wakes up to the news of Jin-Seok’s family’s death. Jin-Seok’s entire family committed suicide. Seung Cheon is heartbroken and misses the only good friend he had. They used to hang out together all the time and share food. Jin-Seok had also saved him from bullies.

At the funeral, Hwang Hyeon-do visits with his son Hwang Tae-Young. Although Jin-Seok was Tae-Young’s classmate, the media blames Hyeon-do for the family’s suicide. Hyeon-do’s company had decided to redevelop the area where Jin-Seok lived and everyone starts blaming the company for pushing the families to the edge. Later at the funeral site, Seung-Cheon is bullied by some rich kids. Tae-young helps him not knowing what was going on. The day became worse at work and everything seemed to be gloomy and painful. Seung-Cheon's home gets raided because his father failed to pay the rent. Exhausted and irritated, Seung-cheon tells his family that he has already done a lot for the family and now needs to focus on himself. The same night, Tae-Yong’s father notices that he is not really interested in the family business and has poorly written his report.

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The actors have done a great job of narrating the concept of poverty and richness. We often make mindless wishes, but no one in life is served with a golden spoon. One might have more money and resources, but everything we have or get is through our actions. The cinematography is brilliant and the drama has an emotional storyline. Seeing a teenager struggling with his identity and trying to make it big in life can be an overwhelming experience. The show has received immense love from the audience which can be seen through the great ratings it has managed to score. The concept of switching lives and living life through someone else's perspective was refreshing to watch but soon the characters realise how privileged they are to have the life they are gifted with.

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