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The Flash is Here With Finale Season to end a Decade Long Journey

Are you a DC Comic fan? Then we have a piece of good news for you. Flash is back with the new and final season of this series. Let's do a quick recap of the show which has been entertaining DC fans for almost a decade now.

Flash finale season poster

It was just yesterday when our lead protagonist Barry Allen woke up with a new set of abs with some new abilities. The first season of each show is crucial, it either breaks the show or makes the show. The Flash’s First season was all about the mystery of wheelchair Harrison Wells, who was a speedster. He came from the future and got stuck in the present days of season 1. He gave Barry his speed so that Barry can help him open a time portal for him to go back to the future. The first season was all about getting the speed and learning how to use this skill properly. The show advances with a new villain per season and it was a heartfelt journey filled with actions and emotions, not to forget just the right amount of comedy at times.

Season 8 started after 6 months of the Godspeed war. Barry’s skills have improved and he is trying to recover from all the events that took place in the past few months. The earth is attacked by some alien entities. Flash, Iris, and the rest of the team push their limits to save the earth and the help of some old friends was taken to overcome this trouble. The Negative Reverse-flash, one of Barry’s old nemeses, becomes more powerful than ever.

Season 9 will start with the episode Wednesday Ever After, where Iris and Barry get stuck in a loop and relive the same day again and again. The trailer shows that Flash is finally going to settle down and have a baby, but they are attacked and you will get to see a lot of old faces in this season. Will Flash be able to save his wife and the kid they are expecting? The last run for Barry is going to be full of emotional scenes and crucial cinematic moments.

Flash season finale

10 years is a long time and to keep the audience interested in the show is a tougher job. Creators did a great job directing a show for so long and yet maintaining the ratings. Each season has its lows and highs. Grant Gustin outdid himself while playing The Flash, we have seen him undergo memory loss, and travel to the future and even to other worlds. Being a superhero science fiction, it was obvious to have plenty of action scenes, but the creators kept in mind not to overdo anything. The show had plenty of comic encounters as well. Seeing Barry go through everything and from being a young clueless teenager to a full-grown family man. Ending this long journey will surely be an emotional rollercoaster for the fans but we were gifted a good show and we enjoyed every bit of it.

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