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SOMEBODYA Drama That’ll Make You Question Your Online Activities

The Internet has exposed us to various things and it is absolutely a fun way to connect with people from all around the world, but the alarming rates of cybercrime show us that putting ourselves out there can be life-threatening.

‘Somebody’ is a Korean drama which talks about cybercrime and how the desperate need to meet new people nowadays can lead us into a never-ending maze.

Somebody Movie Poster

The plot of the Drama-

Kim Sum is an app developer who has difficulty communicating with people, so she develops a dating app ‘Somebody’. She is friends with Mok-won and Ki-eun who works as a detective.

Things go wrong when a murder happens because of the app developed by Kim Sum. Yun-Oh is a serial killer who uses his good looks and charm to seduce girls on dating apps. Kim Sum and Yun-Oh match on the app and develop a strange bond. The drama shows a deadly yet steaming hot bond between the lead couple.

The show starts with a little background story development of Kim Sum’s character. She was a student when a man at a gambling shop hired her to help him with the computer and she did a great job. Impressed by her skills, the shop owner lets her use his computer and machines for a school project. She creates a chatting robot (chatbot) which gets the attention of Jung, who is also a programmer. As the years pass, Kim Sum and Jung become great friends and they together create a dating app. It might seem like Kim Sum is leading a very happening life, doing the job she loves, and creating successful apps, but the reality is poles apart. She is very lonely and in desperate need of someone to share her time with.

After their app gets in trouble and an investigation kicks in, Jung is not willing to help the officers more than required. Kim Sum is however quite curious and starts investigating the links between murders and dating app. She starts talking to two different people on the dating app and decides to meet the second one, Yun-Oh, as he seemed to be a suspicious person. He was detected as a robot by the website. They both clicked instantly and Kim Sum confides in him. She tells him about her condition, which is that it is difficult for her to interact with people.

Somebody movie scene

Will Kim Sum end up becoming one of Yun-Oh’s victims or will it lead to a new chapter in both their lives? The drama is quite dark and interestingly intense. The depth of the characters and their emotions is remarkable. Actors have done a good job of making us fall for their skills. Yes, the show has some loopholes, like the killer is never caught on CCTVs or has never been suspected. Kim Young-Kwang is known for his roles in rom-com dramas but he has done a decent job of playing the role of a cold-hearted killer.

Overall a decent watch.

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