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Shotgun Wedding, a Missed Shot at a Rom-Com

Imagine a wedding where the couple start having problems from the first day of marriage, sounds terrible, right? And now imagine one of the partner’s exes reaches the wedding, a total disaster.

Shotgun Wedding Poster

Shotgun wedding is a romantic comedy starring the one and only Jennifer Lopez playing the role of Darcy and opposite to her very charming Josh Duhamel as Tom. The couple is soon to be married but they have different opinions. Darcy wants a calm, quiet and intimate wedding ceremony whereas Tom wants to celebrate the day with great pomp and show. Tom suggests a destination wedding and the couple is off to the Philippines. Things take a disastrous turn, when Darcy’s ex Sean arrives at the venue. Sean is an extremely rich guy with a unique personality and believe us, he can challenge any groom without being the bride’s ex. The second bump in the ride is Tom’s mother Carol, who is a superstitious lady and wants things to be done in a certain manner.

The movie is made with a very light and joyous attitude which can clearly be seen in the acting. The comic scenes in the movie are not so solid but still manage to entertain us without too much of an effort. Darcy and Tom are on a mission to save their loved ones, from their loved ones. The dispute of thoughts between two families is shown in a very delightful and entertaining manner. It really shows, whatever the culture may be, a wedding is an affair between two families and both the families must be compatible and go along with each other to have a happy married life.

Shotgun wedding is more like a reality show episode where two rich actors are just hanging out together. Movie script and storyline seems secondary, hence we can say that the plot isn’t very solid. Anyone would think that Jennifer Lopez would be the star, and yes she indeed did a good job, but it was Jennifer Coolidge who slayed her role. She added life to the screen and kept the comedy alive.

Shotgun wedding scene

If you are looking for a light movie to kill your time, Shotgun Wedding can prove to be a good watch, but it doesn’t have any solid emotional angle and wouldn't keep you hooked because the plot is pretty basic. The couple faces various stupid problems because of their guests and that is something to watch. Will they survive the grand wedding or will the wedding kill the vibes? The movie was supposed to be an action comedy but the action part was fairly underdone. The casting was to the point but the story writer failed to deliver a promising storyline. Overall the movie isn’t a flop but we can’t say that it's a hit either. The movie was released in late december and it aired on Amazon on 27th january. The movie is all about imperfectly perfect couples who are working together to keep the bond alive amid all the other crises going on in their lives.

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