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Plane, A Survival Journey With Turbulence

We all love traveling but while covering a large distance, we often wonder if the mode of transport we are using to travel is safe or not. We consider traveling by road as the safest option, but it might come to you as a shock when we’ll tell you that air transport is actually the safest mode of travel; surprising, right?

Commercial airplanes are considered one of the safest modes of transport with the least no. of deaths, but we have seen plenty of movies with air crashes that don’t allow us to believe the numbers. Plane is a movie about an airplane tragedy, but it’s not the one with a crash, put on your seat belt and be seated while we tell you more about the movie.

Plane, a survival joruney with turbulence

Plot of the Movie

Brodie Torrance is a commercial pilot who manages to make a successful emergency landing. However, they landed on Jolo island in a remote area of the Philippines, and are now surrounded by people armed with heavy guns and weapons. In order to escape the place they must compromise with the militias. A local militia takes all the passengers hostage and asks them for a large amount of ransom money in order to provide them safety. International experts are trying to locate their coordinates but no rescue expert is able to find their location.

Brodie agrees to free a convicted murderer as they are left with no other choice. He is tasked to transport the murderer but when they are attacked by the militias. Brodie and the convicted murderer team up together to keep the passengers safe. They work in sync killing the attackers. Brodie is warned by the murderer that he may not survive this, but he is determined to keep the families safe similar to their pilot.

Movie scene

Plane is an action thriller which was released on 13th January 2023. Jean-Francois Richet has done a great job directing the movie. It is packed with action and will keep you on your toes till the end. The movie received mixed reviews, Gerard Butler and Tony Goldwyn did a great job together in executing the action scenes and they turned out to be a great team. You will find a hint of humour being sprinkled in the movie at places to keep it light. Some people have said that the movie is quite basic but when talking about a tragic situation of being stuck on an island surrounded by people with willingness to kill, not a lot is left to explore. The character development is not to the point, but the rest of the elements just work fine.

The movie was not as fiery as the trailer. The creators could have gone a little wild with all the screenplay. The story was basic but it could have been made into a blockbuster if they worked a little hard on the development of characters. The action part is good but since we couldn’t relate to the characters it was a little less engaging. Be the judge and let us know if you liked the movie or not.

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