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Not Dead Yet, A Lesson of Life from the Dead Folks

Everyone is afraid of the dead because we don’t know much about life and if ghosts exist or not. But what if we know what happens to dead people? Not Dead Yet, is a show about a newly single woman, Nell Serrano.

Not Dead Yet TV show poster

Nell was an American reporter who left her job ten years ago to move to the United Kingdom with the person she loves. She leaves her career behind but that doesn’t lead her anywhere. She returns to the United States after her breakup and tries to pick up the pieces of her career. It is all a little too overwhelming for her to balance her broken heart and shattered career but she manages to get a job. She was assigned to write obituaries as a part of her new job. Yes, it might seem boring but things get interesting when Nell finds out that she can communicate with ghosts, and can talk to the people about whom she is writing. Other than this newly found ability, the only good thing about the publication was that her best friends still worked there.

Before the ghosts started showing in front of her, she was lonely and became a heavy drinker. In the series, every episode introduces a new ghost and these ghosts start helping Nell to make new friends. The show is filled with light comedy and the irony is that dead people show Nell how to live again. She is on a journey to love herself and discover the things that matter. In the past few years, we have seen plenty of movies and dramas where the protagonists can see the ghosts and help them attain peace but the concept of this show is the opposite. The ghosts didn’t only help her move on from her breakup, but also lifted her spirit. Her social relations with everyone got better over the track of time.

The show premiered on 8th February and had a very promising cast. The acting was moderate and the plot was interesting but somehow it wasn’t able to impress the audience and lacked the charisma to win everyone over. RottenTomatoes gave the show a rating of 45% which isn’t a very promising figure. The show is indeed entertaining and the involvement of the dead people makes it quite interesting.

Not dead yet tv show scene

Gina Rodriguez was the strongest part of the show. She tried to carry the whole drama on her shoulders irrespective of its flaws but sometimes a famous star isn’t enough to bribe the viewers. The audience has become quite selective because of the wide range of content available online and to get their attention every show and movie needs to have that X-factor. We could see a very promising friend circle and how Nell’s friends tried every possible way to make her happy. It indeed can be a good watch but seeing the response it has received from the critics, we are afraid that the show might not get renewed for another season.

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