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Movies to make your Christmas Merrier

Updated: Dec 21, 2022

Christmas is just around the corner and everyone is all set to welcome the festive spirit into their living room. With the last two years spent in worry and chaos, this holiday season will be much more special than any of the previous ones. Festivals bring joy and a feeling of togetherness to households, when everybody irrespective of their age, background, and status come together to share a common belief and happiness.

So here we are, with a bunch of movies you can watch with your loved ones this holiday season. Make yourself a cup of hot chocolate, grab your snacks, and get into your most comfy blanket to binge watch the following movies :)

A Boy Called Christmas

Based on a book of the same name, A Boy Called Christmas is a perfect movie to watch with your young ones and the rest of your family. With funny and emotional elements embedded in the storyline perfectly, this movie is a wholesome Christmas pick. The movie starts with a tragic incident when three young kids, who lose their mother, and their father are going away for some urgent work, leaving them under the care of an old woman, Aunt Ruth, who entertains the children by telling a Christmas tale.

Nikolas, a 13-year old boy, who lives with his father in a forest, lost his mother when a bear attacked her. Every night he remembers the story of a girl who found a place, where the elves lived, who helped her survive the cold wintery nights. The story continues and Nikolas finds a map leading to the place inhabited by the elves. Nikolas goes on the journey to find the place with his mouse Mike and meets a reindeer on his way. The movie unfolds with the adventures of Nikolas, this movie is full of surprises and emotions. So, what are you waiting for? ( you can watch this movie on netflix)


Looking for a movie to watch with your partner? This might be your match ;)

Sloane recently broke up with her boyfriend and it's the Christmas season. She hates holidays because every time she visits her family, they give her an earful of comments about how she should find someone and settle in her life. She is constantly being set up for dates by her mother, which adds up to her irritation. After the Christmas holiday, she meets Jackson who was stuck with a girl he had no interest in. Sloane and Jackson decide that they’ll pretend to date each other only for specific occasions and festivals to avoid their family’s nonsensical chit-chats. But eventually they start liking each other in the journey of pretence. The story is a perfect example of destiny, where two people meet by chance and develop feelings for each other while providing help in the needed hours.

The Holiday

Do you ever feel like your love is stuck in a different country and you may never find them? After heartbreaks and hitting the rock bottom in love life, this thought may cross one’s mind. Well, Iris and Amanda think the same, two independent women, thriving in their career but lacking in their love life.

Iris, who is still in love with her emotionally unavailable former partner, who cheated on her, finds out that he is getting engaged. She therefore was left heartbroken.

Amanda, who also breaks up with her boyfriend when he confesses that he has been cheating on her, finds Iris’s cottage on a home swap website. Amanda and Iris swap their respective houses and go away to celebrate the holiday in a completely different place hoping that a change of neighbourhood to spend some time alone and to stay away from their terrible life could be a good deviation. On her escape from reality, Amanda falls in love with Iris’s handsome brother and Iris finds herself falling for a friend of Amanda’s neighbour. The story unfolds beautifully, and the appropriate setting and locations add up to the charm of the movie.

Home Alone

You have to agree, mentioning the name of this movie itself is enough, right? But we’ll give you more reasons in case you have forgotten about this masterpiece.

The family of a young child, Kevin, is deciding to spend Christmas away from their home with their family in Chicago. But they forgot Kevin at home, alone, as he was punished for sleeping in the attic last night because of his mischief. His mother Kate realises mid-journey that they have left Kevin at home.

At first Kevin was a bit scared but then his naughty mind takes over the house and he decides to make the best of the situation. He goes shopping for himself and orders pizza to enjoy the rest of the evening. Meanwhile, two thieves find out that Kevin is alone at home and try to break in, but Kevin handles the situation with his tricks and makes the thieves regret choosing his house for robbery. By the time Kate and the family reach home, Kevin is a changed kid with a more responsible and intelligent outlook towards everything. This movie will leave your jaws hurting because of constant laughter as the encounter between Kevin and the thieves is one hell of a comic encounter.

How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Last but not least, this movie is an all time classic which will make your kids love you even more for making them watch this. Everyone in the Whoville town loves Christmas, but they are scared that the Grinch might spoil their Christmas, and well we can’t blame them because the Grinch tries every possible way to sabotage the Christmas celebrations. Grinch lives at the top of a hilly mountain alone and away from the Whos of Whoville town and does not like festivals at all. Grinch once lived in the town with everyone else, when he was adopted as a baby by two women. He was a very shy and timid child who liked a girl in his class, and she liked him too, but his jealous classmate Augustus never lost any chance to make fun of the Grinch as he was hairy. Heartbroken and angry Grinch leaves the town to live alone.

However, while he was downtown trying to spoil the holiday for everyone, he saves Cindy’s life, who after finding out about his past, nominated him for the town’s ‘Holiday Cheermeister’, but the Grinch is reminded of the humiliation he faced during his childhood again. In the process of spoiling holidays for everyone, Grinch realises the true meaning of Christmas and bursts into tears. This is a perfect movie to watch with your toddlers with their favourite christmas snacks.

We end our list here, but there are a bunch of movies to make your Christmas more joyous and promising than ever. So, bring out your best decorative lights and get into the spirit of Christmas till we come again with loads of suggestions for you to watch, because, the more the merrier.

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