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Most Watched Science-Fiction Movies of 2022

We all love science fiction movies and they can sometimes be mind-bending but what scares us is they can also be true to some extent. Years ago, no one would have guessed of the earth we are living on, with internet connections, vehicles, self heated rooms and what not. Science and technology have come a long way and science fiction movies keep us wondering how far science can go.

1. Moonfall

Moonfall poster

The movie starts with a scene set in space, three scientists are outside the comfort of the earth in space, repairing a satellite when a mysterious swarm attacks them. Only one of them survives, Brian Harper. When he returns to the earth, no one believes in his story and he is immediately fired from NASA. Years later, a conspiracy theorist manages to study the path of the moon secretly and finds out that the moon has been out of its orbit lately. He was a big fan of Brian Harper and approached him to tell about his discoveries, after a few attempts they were able to convince NASA that the calculations were correct and that this might actually destroy the whole earth. As the movie continues we can see the moon approaching the earth causing a gravitational disturbance and high tides and tsunamis. The movie is one of a kind and you will surely be left scared and in awe of the writer’s imagination.

2. Black Adam

Black Adam Poster

Just the fact that Dwayne Johnson was the lead actor of this movie was more than enough for the fans to go watch it on the big screen but the movie has several more amazing factors other than its cast. This is more of a superhero movie than a science fiction but the directors have done a good job in maintaining the balance. The story is about ancient kahndaq (imaginative world), where Teth Adam has been given some powers by the almighty Gods and he uses the powers for wrong purposes to satisfy his own vengeance. Due to which he gets imprisoned. Now that years have passed and no one remembers him, the world is going at its own pace. Black Adam is in the mood of justice and everyone must be ready to face his rage, you want to know what happens afterwards? Well, we don’t give spoilers so you have to go and watch the movie for yourself in case you missed this superhit.

3. The Adam Project

The Adam Project poster

Don’t we all wish we could save the world or travel to the future just to have a glimpse of what's ahead? Well, this movie will be a treat for your inner child. This science fiction movie is about a fighter pilot, who travels in time, Adam Reed. He accidentally lands in 2022, He wants to go to the past to save his wife but crashes into a different time zone, where he meets his younger self. As exciting as it is, you won't believe any grown-up stranger to being your future self and that is what happens, Adam has to convince his own younger self that he has come from the future and once he is on board, both Adam and Adam work together to save the future (seems odd right?). Adam cannot travel again until he is fully recovered from the crash due to a security feature but he uses his younger self to trick the system and they both are off to save the world, which pretty much is the fantasy of every young kid. The storytelling and cinematography have been done wonderfully. You will love the concept of the movie as much as the Reeds enjoyed the unusual journey.

4. Spiderhead

Spiderhead poster

This psychological thriller science fiction movie is based on a short story written by George Saunders. The movie revolves around people who are prisoned for committing serious crimes. They are being asked to volunteer for research in return for reducing their sentence from prison. Each prisoner is allowed to live an ordinary life and given high-class facilities to maintain good health but are being consistently drug tested and drugs have mind-altering effects on the prisoners. This movie has a number of disturbing scenes so if you are faint-hearted you may just wanna skip a few scenes. Other than that a series of dark humor can be seen throughout the movie. Chris Hemsworth and Miles Teller have done a good job, the story will keep you entertained and show you how chemicals can lead to drastic changes in one’s behavior.

5. Samaritan

Samaritan poster

This science fiction movie is a dark take on superhero movies. The Superhero and the nemesis are twin brothers. The nemesis crafts a tool to fight against Samaritan, our superhero. Both the brothers die in a blast after they confront each other but the fans of our superhero still believe he is alive and will come back. The story follows a teenager, Sam Cleary, who is trying to help his mother through a financial crisis, and little does he know that his neighbour is none other than our superhero. Sylvester Stallone has done a tremendous job as the superhero and to be this energetic at the age of 76 is just something only legendary actors can do.

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