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Most Watched Korean Drama on Netflix in 2022

Around 164 million people watch netflix per hour, pretty shocking right? But when compared to the population with whom we share our home, Earth, this seems just right. Netflix viewership has increased tremendously over the past few years as OTT has been overtaking every other form of entertainment there is. As people have switched to OTT, various brands and platforms have jumped into the ocean but Netflix still holds the numero-uno position with the most numbers.

Over The Top platforms have been providing us with content at the comfort of our home, while travelling, in between our busy schedules. You can just login to your account and watch your favourite shows, wherever you want and whenever you want. So coming to what was the most-watched Korean drama of 2022 and why?

All of Us Are Dead

All of us are dead movie poster

With the most viewership, All of Us Are Dead was the most watched Korean drama of 2022. Train to Busan was the first South Korean zombie apocalypse which became a superhit across the globe and everyone admired the work which went into making that movie. Likewise, All of Us Are Dead is a zombie apocalypse series consisting of 12 episodes. The drama is set in a highschool where zombies break in and everyone is fighting for their life. A failed science experiment leads to a sudden outbreak. The students are stuck in the school as the government has sealed the place, and they are left to survive without any help from the outside world. People who are bitten have different effects on them and this will keep you thinking and exhilarated for what is coming next. The passionate and realistic acting of the whole crew will keep you seated in the same place for all the 12 episodes.

The whole drama starts when a student Jin-su falls off the roof of the highschool while he was being bullied. Later, the science teacher finds out that he has developed zombie-like behaviour. After some time one of the bullies is bitten by him and this is how the trail begins.

All of us are dead movie scene

The drama shows how the students get rid of the zombies and will keep you engaged throughout, how all the students try to conquer them, and how they are able to escape the school and reach an abandoned place, but the threat is not over yet. Every character has been given enough screen time and hence the show is quite detail-oriented.

Korean Dramas have been taking over the entertainment industry and the audience loves how every drama is unique in its own way. They have been giving us all the elements a good drama should have. Koreans are known for their flawless beauty and high romantic standards but this drama is a completely different genre and has once again shown that their beauty isn’t the only perfect thing. The direction, the casting, and the setup has been accurately displayed. To depict a particular story in 12 episodes without the viewers losing their interest is a tough job to do. But the story has been given touch-ups with funny scenes and the unity of some high schoolers to save themselves from an unexpected turn of events is just the right thing you needed to end your day.

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