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Little Women : An Offbeat K-Drama Full of Mysteries

Updated: Dec 21, 2022

When we talk about Korean dramas, our thoughts automatically shift toward a beautiful love story and a light yet intense storyline which leaves us in awe, but Little Women is not your ordinary K-Drama. The road might be a little bumpy and the story will surely take some dark turns, so before we get into details, make sure you are ready for an intense mystery drama which will show you why not to trust anyone when it comes to your and your family’s safety.

What does this drama have in store for you?

Starring Kim Go-eun as Oh In-ju, Nam Ji-Hyun as Oh In-kyeong and Park Ji-hoo as Oh In-hye, our lead female actors, this drama is about three korean sisters born in a poor household and struggling hard to meet the ends, who gets involved with missing 70 billion won.

Being born in a poor family, Oh In-ju, the eldest of the three sisters, knows what it is like to struggle for basic needs. In-ju and In-kyeong, the elder sisters work hard to give their younger sister In-hye the childhood they never had. The story starts when In-ju and In-kyeong save their hard earned money to send In-hye on a school field trip, but their mother runs away with the money to her husband who is hiding in another country because of all the debts he has over his head. This breaks In-hye’s heart and she makes a decision not to take any kind of financial help from her elder sisters, because they were struggling to give her a normal life and she didn’t want to be a burden. In-hye was a remarkable artist and she started selling her paintings to the daughter of a very rich business tycoon who was running in the election, this is when the story takes a u-turn. In-ju is left an hefty sum of two billion won by a friend who commits suicide under mysterious circumstances and the story unfolds relating one dot to another. The family with whom In-hye becomes involved has a dark secret up their sleeves and now they start using the three sisters to continue their legacy of a well-woven and troublesome past.

Without giving you any spoilers, we will leave you to the series and solve all the mysteries on your own, let's see if your intuitions take you towards the truth.

Why should you watch the show?

We are here to solve this problem for you. This drama consists of 12 episodes with a running time of 1hr. 15 min each. From the very beginning of the show, you will be doomed to continue, as the show is full of suspenses and the end of every episode will leave you with a number of questions. Kim Go-eun is one the leading actresses of South Korea and has never failed to amaze the audience with her passionate and realistic acting skills. Her fragile yet firm character in the drama will melt your heart, as she goes through hell to keep her sisters safe from all the chaos. Nam Ji-hyun, having all the characteristics of a middle child, is emotionally mature and likes to handle everything on her own. The way she uncovers the truth behind the political agendas and helps the public to get a clear view of what is going on behind the election campaigns is praise worthy. Park Ji-hu has done a marvellous job playing the younger sister who clearly doesn’t need anyone to save her, but is loved and cherished by her elder sisters.

The equation of the three sisters fighting together against the world is beyond any comments and reviews. The series is a full package of mystery, action and political drama, showing a perfect clash between the rich and poor lifestyle of Korea. You might miss a love angle in the story, as the series have kept romance to a very minimal extent; but we guess it goes fine with the story line and that is what makes this K-Drama different from the others.

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