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Inventing Anna - Mastermind or Fraud?

We all love a good series with rich people showing off their wealth, but can someone show off something that they don't have? Inventing Anna is one such series, which will leave you questioning the rich societies and will leave you in awe of the mastermind behind this whole drama.

The show is based on real-life incidents and frauds committed by Anna Sorokin and the article published in New York.

The plot of the series

Inventing Anna Poster

The show is based on a series of events that took place in real life, this 9 episode series will show you the lifestyle of a financial mastermind who was able to trick the top celebrities, banks, real-estate firms and what not.

The series shows a lawsuit being fought by top hotels and banks against a girl who supposedly is broke and has no money but somehow was living a luxurious life for months, before everything fell apart. The story revolves around Anna Delvey, star of the entire fraud and Vivian Kent, an underestimated and underappreciated reporter who trips on the story of Anna and tries to publish it as an article but is opposed by her own firm.

While everyone is busy proving Anna guilty of the frauds she has committed, Vivian is focused on showing how a woman in her early twenties conned her way into the most private and secret societies of New York. Vivian is impressed with the skills Anna has shown but is not sure if she’s telling her the truth or not, so she goes through each and every meeting and the outings Anna has attended over the last couple of months. She investigates the whole case while being pregnant and was determined to show that Anna is not just a con artist but has deep knowledge of subjects and was therefore able to fool the top place holders of the societies.

Anna was able to trick the world bank into lending her money and tricked her way into some of the most prestigious hotels. Without spending a single penny of her own she travelled the whole world, attended auctions, fashion shows and lived a life which a normal person can only dream of.

Is the show worth your while?

Inventing Anna Characters

The overall storyline will keep you engaged as not only is it entertaining but also original and true. That makes it unique and hence there is a surety that you have never seen a show like this before. You may find the actors being a little too obvious which might come off as overacting. The directors have done a great job in finding the cast and showing such a sensitive story with so much of grace, the resemblance between the original Anna Delvey and Julia Garner is uncanny and no one could have played the role better than her. The series ends with a fair deal between the jurisdiction and Anna Delvey, she meets with top notch fashion designers and slowly caves her way.

The first few episodes may seem slow and unnecessary but once the story starts to unfold, it starts becoming more and more interesting. The show received a mixed review from all over the platforms and viewers but is definitely worth a watch !!

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