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Get Ready for a Spooky weekend with WEDNESDAY

Updated: Dec 21, 2022

You’d be lying if you say that you haven't already heard about this comedy-horror series, but if you actually haven’t, you are missing out on a lot. After the halloween season, maybe this was the perfect way to bid a farewell and acted like the icing on cake.


Here’s a short summary for you-

Wednesday is a story of outcasts, who have different powers based on their bloodline, and are trying their best to live in harmony with ‘Normies’, who are normal human beings just like you and me ( wish we had some powers too right?). The story starts when our lead protagonist, Wednesday Addams, punishes some kids for bullying her brother by dumping piranha in the pool, which leads to her expulsion from the school. Her parents send her to NEVERMORE, the school of outcasts. Wednesday was firm that she’ll run away from the school as she protested that she would not follow her parents footsteps, who were alumni of Nevermore, her mother being an ace student of her time. But as she tries to escape, she stumbles upon some dirt from the past and gets into a monster attack making her love the place. She decides to stay to expose the truth, and uncover all the dirty secrets this town of normies and outcasts hide under their cooperative behaviour.

Is it binge worthy?

Well, we will let you be the judge of it. But we can provide you with some motivation to why to watch WEDNESDAY ;)

Wednesday is full of teenage drama ranging from difficulty adjusting to a new place, to not wanting to go back home because the place has gotten under your skin. Even though Wednesday addams push away any opportunity she gets at making friends, she can’t help but earn the love and trust of the whole school, because she might put on an angry bird mask on but she has a heart of gold. She helps everyone around her and still manage to act like she’s got a cold heart

As the story continues, Wednesday adjusts in her new school making two really loyal and faithful friends Enid, the werewolf and Eugene the beekeeper. Enid and Wednesday’s friendship is beyond explanation. Enid is one warm-hearted, charming, energetic and lovely character who fills the room with her presence. On the other hand, Wednesday has the ‘mind your own goddamn business attitude’ with a serious look on her face throughout the show, she is cold hearted and loves to be in a corner all alone away from everyone’s attention. To see her smiling is a very rare scene to catch, but you will be able to catch her smirking every time she does something spooky and breathtaking.

Wednesday has inherited psychic abilities from her mother and gets vision from the past as well as from the future, this is how she uncovers the truth. This series will keep you guessing from the very first episode, and the plot twists are just beyond anyone’s expectation, and of course, the famous dance scene which broke the internet is worth the wait. The makers have been successful in keeping their viewers guessing and every element is just finely balanced in the series.

Do watch it!!

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