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From a Youtuber to an Actor: Journey of Bhuvan Bam

A few years ago, when YouTube and theatres were the only sources of entertainment and we used to buffer videos on our small-screen phones, the times when 15-minute videos took 20 minutes to finish due to improper internet connections and when unlimited data was a thing for the future. Sounds nostalgic right?

Back in 2015, when we did not have high-quality cameras and smartphones had just become mainstream When social media was just a medium to communicate with our selected friends and no one had any idea about video content creation, a guy in his early 20s started uploading videos on YouTube. Little did we know that one day that person will be one of the most loved and successful content creators in India and will have his own web show.

How Did He Become an Internet Sensation?

BB ki Vines - Bhuvan Bam

The one and only Bhuvan Bam, first started uploading videos on Facebook, which were short funny clips, and later on, switched to YouTube. When he started creating video content, it was like shooting an arrow in the dark, not knowing where it would go, but he managed to aim at our hearts and made a perfect shot.

How many talents can a person hide in himself? Well, when talking about our star, the list seems to be a little long. Bhuvan is a comedian (not kidding), a writer, a singer, a songwriter, a YouTuber, and now an actor. No wonder he is loved so much. His YouTube channel named BB Ki Vines is famous for short clips showing the daily life of an urban boy and his playful conversations with his parents and friends.

About His Career So Far

Taaza Khabar poster

Bhuvan Bam has a talent no other has. We often see big budget movies in which actors play double roles, but Bhuavan Bam plays not 2, not 3 but multiple roles and you can’t really complain because his every character is very different from each other. They have different personalities and their own way of making our life happening. Titu mama, Sameer Fuddi, Banchoddas and all his characters have been making us laugh for so many years now.

Last year Bhuvan Bam released a web series named ‘Dhindora’ in the honour of his late parents. Dhindora focused on the life of a middle class boy with an ordinary life whose life takes a 180° turn when his dad wins a lottery ticket and her mother boasts about it to the whole colony. The show is comic, emotional, tragic, and full of suspense. Bhuvan Bam has done a great job telling the story and the screenplay is just marvellous. The audience definitely loved the series and can not wait for the second season.

Bhuvan Bam has recently starred in a new series ‘Taaza Khabar’, which is now streaming on Disney Hotstar. The show is about a sanitation worker who is seeking a better life for his mother and his loved ones. It is a comedy-drama with an intense story line and the touch of perfection added by Bhuvan Bam. Taaza Khabar has received lots of love and it has just been released. We can not wait to see what this man will surprise us with in the future as Bhuvan never seems to stop.

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