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Extraordinary Attorney Woo- A ‘Whale-some’ Attorney

Was caught off-guard by the title? This Korean drama is exactly like the title of this blog, off-beat and unique. Our world is not so accepting towards differently abled people, and this drama talks about this in a very positive and cute way. This is a legal drama with 16 episodes.

The Storyline of Drama

Extraordinary Attorney Woo

This drama revolves around an attorney with Asperger’s syndrome. From the very beginning Woo Young-woo had an astonishingly high IQ and she was inclined towards the law because her father was from the same background. Young-woo was brought up by his father and doesn’t know who her mother is, but she has a never ending love for whales and can never stop talking about them. Park Eun-bin has done a marvelous job in playing the role of a differently abled person. The story shows how Young-woo struggles with her daily interactions in one of the leading law firms of Korea. Her father is a very close friend of the head of her law firm and hence allegations are made on her that she has been appointed because of her contacts and not her skills. Although, she has the best scores among her colleagues in all her qualifying exams. Attorney woo wins all her cases and shows extraordinary skills of remembering facts and data, making her one of the best attorneys. After which she is even invited by the top law firm of Korea to join them. But, she denies as the firm she is working in helped her develop as an attorney when every one denied her a job irrespective of her great skills because of her medical condition.

The friendship of Young-woo and Dong Geurami is the true friendship goals everyone should live by. And the cute chemistry between Young-woo and Joon-ho will leave you in awe.

Why is This Drama Worthy of Your time?

Extraordinary Attorney Woo

We don’t usually get to see dramas like this. Not only the concept of a differently-abled attorney thriving among normal people, but the genre of this drama is different too. The show keeps you engaged with all the legal cases and dark games being played to hide the truth from being revealed. Everything about this drama shouts flawless direction. The way Young-woo is helped by her colleague Su-yeon, who was also her classmate in law school and has already protected her against bullies, has been brilliantly shown. The way she gets on her boss’s nerves but he manages to not lose his temper. The love angle between a perfectly normal guy and a differently abled girl is the cutest thing you’ll ever witness. Young-woo is not an easy person to deal with. She needs to be treated with care and love, as she has the mind of a young child. But Joon-ho doesn’t lose his calm and keeps working hard to adjust according to her. You will fall in love with the actress for doing her job so gracefully and the whole cast have given their best to make an indeed extraordinary drama.

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