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Cirkus- A Failed Attempt or a Hit?

Bollywood is loaded with twin dramas and movies where twins are born in not so normal conditions and somehow get separated in childhood and then meet their siblings accidentally when they grow up. Movies like ‘Ram and Shyam, Judwaa, Judwaa 2, Seeta aur Geeta, and many more have been a total hit. Now Rohit Shetty has tried his hand in the twin-verse, he is one of the most successful directors of bollywood film industry and have given us dozens of superhits like Singham, Simmba, Dilwale, Chennai Express, and many more, but we have always seen him hitting the cars and making the best of action movies. So, was this a hit or he took a chance?

The Storyline

Cirkus Film Poster

Cirkus is based on The Comedy of Errors by none other than William Shakespeare, but did the movie do justice to the legendary poet and playwright? The story starts as Dr. Jamnadas finds two sets of identical twins on the doorstep of his orphanage. He gives them up for adoption to different families. Years pass by and the twins have now grown up in our super-heroes, Ranveer singhs and Varun Sharmas. The set of twins were separated in childhood by Dr. Jamnadas to observe his theory of nature vs nurture. After years when one of the pair travels to another city, where the other pair resides and run their own circus, things begin to take funny and chaotic turns. When people start mistaking the twins for each other, hilarious incidents take place and that is how the story continues. If you are looking for light twin comedies, this movie can be a good choice.

What Do Viewers and Critics Have to Say?

The star cast of this movie couldn't have been better. Ranveer Singh, Pooja Hegde, Jacqueline Fernandez, Varun Sharma and a list of never ending super stars from bollywood industry. Rohit Shetty is known to bring multiple celebrities to one screen and surely he didn't fail to do that in this film either. But a hit star cast doesn't always promise you a super hit movie. The movie isn’t a superhit but cannot be categorised as a total fail either. Viewers were disappointed to see that the story didn't do justice to the star cast. The actors have tried their best to do a great job and make the movie entertaining; but a little too much shimmer doesn’t suit everyone’s eye and that is what happened in this movie. The shimmery and promising starcast failed to hide the flaws in the story and direction. The movie will surely bring you laughs and joy, but apart from that the story isn’t promising.

Cirkus Movie

Bollywood has been giving us numerous twin chemistries and as much as the audience loves watching a little confusion and change of roles between identical twins, we also crave a good plot. The movies have to be engaging. The times when the presence of a superstar guaranteed a movie's success have long gone and the audience now requires more than just a superstar and charming faces. The viewers have been exposed to a great genre of movies and nothing less than perfection satisfies us anymore. So the directors will have to work harder in developing quality content and not just focusing on the star cast. A good movie needs a good story along with quality actors to keep it afloat.

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