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Can Web Series and Movies Affect Your Psychology?

You might have come across news and articles saying that a certain type of movie or criminal documentaries should be banned as they may affect the mentality of some people. We saw that some games and shows are often banned because of their content or their graphics. We have associated watching movies and shows as a source of entertainment between our busy schedule and it also relieves stress, but getting too involved in anything isn’t good for your mental health, be it movies or your work.

Is it possible to get influenced by TV Shows?

Influence caused by TV shows

Recently we have been seeing an increase in the crime rate and the fact that the criminals have accepted that they planned the crime scene after getting ideas from a certain web show or a movie is shocking. Shows like Dexter, Money Heist and many more, are famous throughout the world and have reached every household, no doubt we admired the storyline and were in awe of the strategies being pulled off, but on the other hand we cannot deny the fact that they have some incredibly nice tricks and techniques.

In 1994, Penn State Professor of Psychology and communications, conducted research on how shows that are based on real incidents can trigger the emotions of people regarding crime, and aggression. People generally end up admiring a certain character and their traits after finishing a show or movie and start following the character’s ideology. In the short term this may be fine but in the long term this can be worrying as they are living the life of a fictional character and they lose their sense of reality.

Movies that influence our psychology

Many creators have denied the link between content used for entertainment and crimes. Criminal documentaries have been a part of mainstream entertainment since forever. Crime shows give us hormonal rush since we would never want to experience something fatal in our real life but the fact that we can sit in a safe space and get to know what was going through the mind of a criminal while carrying out the act.

Is there a relation between criminal mindset and TV Shows?

Doctors have said that we cannot link criminal mindset with any show as it is a 50 percent genetic trait, 25 percent of which is based on a person’s mind and the things going on in the prefrontal cortex and the rest depends on the surroundings of a person. So to blame someone’s act merely on a show isn’t fair.

Sometimes a deep seated trauma may be the reason why a person behaves in a certain way. If someone is exposed to violence and illegal activities on a large scale, he/she may adopt the habits as for them it is a usual thing which they have been seeing and becomes common over a period of time. Shows based on crimes and heinous real life tragedies help us understand the negative aspects and mentality of the criminal which might actually help the authorities to solve the cases.

Brain Image

What we experience in the course of our life is stored in our subconscious mind and we make decisions based on that memory and knowledge. This can have different results for different people as none of them have the same lifestyle. So, we can sit back and watch the documentaries all stress-free, as there is no evident proof that a show or a movie can bring such severe change in one’s mindset.

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