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BUSINESS PROPOSAL- Not Your Average Proposal ;)

While reading the title Business Proposal, it is obvious to think of some proposal made between two companies regarding their work together, well it is the same but the only difference is this is a love proposal and you will not get tired fulfilling the terms of the proposal. Released in the beginning of the year, this Korean drama has been trending ever since. So let's see what this Korean drama has for us.

business proposal
business proposal

What is the drama about?

Korean dramas never fail to amaze us with their unique storyline, this one is no different. The story is about a bubbly natured girl who somehow manages to be the centre of all the troubles. She goes on a blind date pretending to be her friend. This is to scare off the guy, as her friend herself doesn’t want to go on dates but her father keeps setting her up on blind dates. Ha-ri, our lead actress tries to scare off the guy on the date not knowing that he was soon going to be her boss. The guy however agrees to date Ha-ri as he was being forced by his grand-father to find a girl and start dating. So, to avoid wasting his time by going on dates, he decides to date the first girl he meets. Ha-ri tries her best to maintain a balance between her work life and her contract with her boss. As two different individuals, she used to meet him as her date, wearing wigs and makeup so that he couldn’t find out that they were actually the same person. She plays every possible trick to push him away but now that she has met his grandfather, and the families are involved, things become a little complicated. In the course of time, Her boss discovers the truth and thinks of playing along for a while to see how far she can keep pretending to be two different people. But eventually everything becomes clear as the sky and her boss end up falling in love with her due to her childlike nature.

business proposal
business proposal

Why to watch?

Where should we start? There are plenty of reasons to binge watch this 12 episode drama. This series will leave you with tears, but in a good way. You will get tears by laughing at all the situations Ha-ri falls in, while balancing the mess she has made. The young cast fills the show with energy; and the rich lifestyle shown is beyond any fairytale. The way Korean dramas work to keep the story light yet intense at the same time, is what makes them unique. Not to forget the second lead couple, who maintained the balance. Our lead couple was giving us all cute vibes whereas the second lead was doing the balancing act with all the steamy chemistry going between them.

We can go on like this forever as the reasons to watch a K-Drama are just never ending. But for now turn on your laptop or whatever device you will be watching the show on, and dig into the cuteness and fun this drama has in store for you.

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