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Best romantic movies for the Month of Love

Updated: Feb 26, 2023

February, the month of love <3 is celebrated all over the world and yes we can feel the love in the air. We are here with the gift of love which you can share with your loved one. Here is a list of all-time classic romantic movies, and a movie night can never go wrong with these movies filled with love, joy, tears and a sense of fulfilment.

Here’s a list of all the movies you can watch with your better half.

The Notebook -

The Notebook Movie Poster

It’s equivalent to sinning to start any list of romantic movies without this all-time favourite. If you are a die-hard fan of romantic dramas, there’s no way you haven’t already watched it several times. Based on a novel inspired by a true story, this movie is full of awe moments and will leave you with eyes full of tears, so you better have your tissues stacked up. Story of Noah and Allie who fall in love but are separated by fate and family. There is no room left for complaints or criticism, just pure love. If you haven’t already watched it, trust us you are missing out on a gem and will surely thank us.

The Vow -

The Vow Movie Poster

Another classic based on true events. The Vow is inspired by the novel of the same name, written by Kim and Krickitt Carpenter about their marriage. To receive love in return for love is the greatest gift someone can receive but what if the person you love forgets everything about you and your whole existence? Well, it is the worst nightmare for someone head to toe in love, but this movie shows that some matches are indeed made in heaven and they find their way back to their partner. The movie has a happy and unique ending and will refresh the concept of love for you.

Me Before You -

Me Before You movie poster

Love, we all think of someone special when we are asked about the feeling. But this movie will show you how loving yourself is where it all begins. If you aren’t a happy person and cannot love yourself enough, you will never be able to make your partner happy. Inspired by a novel’s author’s true story, the movie is about a man who needs 24-hour care after meeting with a terrible accident. He has given up on life and has already decided to end his life but he falls in love with his caretaker. Will the newly found love be enough for him to live with the pain and guilt of not being enough? Watch the movie for the answer, but be ready as you may not like the ending very much. Indeed, not every love story has a happy ending but this story was incompletely complete in a unique manner.

50 First Dates -

50 first dates movie poster

What’s more romantic than a careless guy falling in love with someone who needs to be taken care of all the time? Movies have made us fall in love with truly unreal standards and this movie is no different. 50 First Dates is a movie about a guy who cannot seem to commit to any woman, he meets a girl who forgets everything after 24 hours, and is living the same day for years because of a medical condition. He thinks this is a perfect opportunity as he will not need to commit to the girl but eventually ends up falling in love with her. Every day he makes her fall in love with him in different ways. After every 24 hours, he becomes a total stranger to the woman he loved. As much as it hurt him to go through all this, he doesn't give up and finds a way to finally settle with the love of his life.

Pride and Prejudice -

Pride and Prejudice movie poster

We’ll end the list with another classic, and you can tell by the name itself that it is inspired by the famous novel of one of the most famous authors of all time, Jane Austen. The chemistry between a stubborn, intelligent, independent girl and a shy, introverted intellectual man. This movie as well as the novel have won hearts over the years and cannot be topped. A period drama full of emotions. This is set in the times when marrying was the biggest accomplishment of a woman's life. Elizabeth has no intentions of being bound by these standards but is won over by the most unexpected person. The movie shows how hate turns into absolute love and respect.

Do enjoy these movies with the best love stories; and let us know your feedback via comments.

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