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Best Picture, Drama - The Fablemans, An Award Winning Tribute by Spielberg to Himself

It’s the beginning of the year and for some creators, the year started with Golden Globes. We are not kidding, we are talking about the 80th Golden Globe at the Beverly Hilton. Some well-deserved movies took the award with them while some masterpieces couldn’t make it, but being nominated for such a prestigious award itself is an achievement.

The Fablemans team took home the award for Best Picture drama. Here’s a short summary and some reviews straight from the viewers for you, to make it easier for you to decide whether this is the ‘Best Picture’ for you or not.

The Fabelmans Poster

About the Movie

We all love movies, don’t we? But how far do we go for the love of movies?

One January night, a Jewish couple Mitz and Burt Fableman take their little one, Sammy, for his first movie - The Greatest Show on Earth by Cecil B. DeMille, who was also the first director, and producer to ever receive the Golden Globe award (what a coincidence right?). The movie however leaves a deep impact on Sammy, a scene involving a train crash. Later that night he asks for a Hanukkah and crashes it, Mitzi understands him and lets Sammy shoot a crash video using their 8mm camera. That movie was the first step towards Sammy’s love for filmmaking and he never stopped after that. He used to film short clips and scenes from daily life. His mother was very supportive of him. When Mitzi’s mother dies, Burt advises Sammy to turn one of his footage into a proper film to cheer up Mitzi.

The Fablemans is partially based on the life of Spielberg and his first year of filmmaking. The movie stars Gabriel LaBelle as Sammy and indeed he has done a great job, behind any movie’s success, the whole crew plays an important role but a good actor indeed adds life to a story. This semi-autobiographical movie was released in November of 2022, although it didn’t do very well at the box- office but certainly it hit the golden jackpot!!

Fablemans scene

The movie gives you a feel of a documentary about how Spielberg grew up loving filmmaking with his humble parents always supporting him through ups and downs. The audience will be able to form a deep emotional connection with the character of Sammy. Good things never come easy in life but when you are truly passionate about something, things just start falling into place. The movie is quite motivating and inspiring for budding artists. Seeing how a young child who has no knowledge about filmmaking pushes himself and becomes a renowned filmmaker. Sammy realises that his perfect-looking family is actually dysfunctional and that everyone around him is just pretending. We do that often, we pretend everything is fine until things go out of our hands.

A good movie is a cocktail of all the elements, The Fabelmans was nominated under Eight Categories. Steven Spielberg has once again proved that he hasn’t lost his touch and still has the power to make a revolutionary movie. Of course, giving a tribute to yourself isn’t wrong if you have achieved great things by overcoming every hurdle that comes your way. Do watch it and let us know what you feel about this movie !!

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