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A Swoon-Worthy Recap of 2022

We all crave for a novel or movie worthy romance, but in real life it doesn’t come easy. So to fill that empty void we turn towards movies and shows who portray the perfect happy endings and act as a warmer for our heart <3

Here are some heartwarming romantic movies of 2022 that you can watch anytime with your loved one and give your heart a treat, but do not forget that it is going to be a tearful journey.

After Ever Happy

After Ever Happy

Third movie of the ‘After’ Series, After Ever Happy was one of the most talked about movies of 2022. But as an honest reviewer, we think the movie did no justice to the novel it was based on. The movie definitely gave us some steamy scenes to drool upon and showed perfect chemistry between Josephine and Hero. In the movie, Hardin finds out about his biological father and was very disappointed with her mother Tessa and undergoes a series of traumatic events. The movie has shown the growth of respective characters, this movie received mixed reviews.



The movie is based on a novel written by Jane Austen, One of the most legendary female novelists of all time. The effortless narration and acting by Dakota Johnson has done wonders, The story is about Anne Elliot, the middle child of the Elliot family. She is made to feel an outcast because of her love for reading, and thinking out of the box; Unlike her two other sisters who pretend to be the perfect ‘lady’ according to society. She is made to give up on her love, Frederick, because of his low social status. But life takes an unexpected turn, and they are reunited at a dinner. Frederick is now a captain, and is a praised upon match for every lady of the town.

20th Century Girl

20th century girl

Filmed with the 1999 high school theme keeping in mind, this story will leave you with tears and will show you what a true friendship is like. The story is full of emotions and a beautiful storyline, with an ever better cast of actors and actresses who did their best to make the movie lovable. The story is about a seventeen year old girl, Na Bo-ra, whose best friend has to go to the United States for a heart surgery, but refuses to do so as she is in love with one of her schoolmates. Bo-ra promises her best friend that she will keep an eye on the guy and will tell her every detail while she is in the US getting the medical attention she requires. The story however takes a very sad turn and Bo-ra’s loyalty towards her friend is put to test. You must watch this movie, but be ready for a rollercoaster of emotions

Hello, Goodbye, and Everything in Between

Hello, Goodbye, and Everything in Between

The movie is based on a novel, written by Jennifer E. Smith. This movie is like the morning sunshine, which makes you feel refreshed instantly, revolving around the chemistry of our lead couple Clare and Aiden. They meet at an after school party and have an instant connection, and plan to keep the spark alive by going out together. Clare and Aiden have two completely different outlooks towards life. Clare has been moving from one state to another because of her parents and never made any real friends, so she is focused towards studies and wants to become a lawyer. On the other hand, Aiden believes in going with the flow and aspires to become a musician. The movie shows their cute chemistry and will surely be a good watch for you.

The In between

The In Between

Love never comes easy and this movie shows exactly that through a very emotional plot. Tessa never believed in love, but one normal day she meets the love of her life, Skyler. Skyler was a true romantic and Tessa was finally happy. But an accident takes her love away, and she is left with so many questions. The movie is a science-fiction romance movie where Tessa feels that her beloved boyfriend, who died in a road accident, is trying to contact her from the other side. She gets flashbacks of them together and is trying to decode how to contact Skyler. The story continues giving the end that their story deserves. The movie is different from other romantic movies and is a good choice for a change.

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