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A Scary Recap of 2022- Top Watched Horror Movies of 2022

We all love good suspense movies and a few jumpy scares never hurt anyone :) Horror movies have their own tricks to keep the audience engaged but making a good horror movie is not everyone’s cup of tea and we are here to save you some trouble. Here are the top 5 horror movies of 2022 which will keep you guessing the plot twists, and provide you with an adrenaline rush.

1. Hellbender

The movie is about a teenage girl, Izzy, who lives with her mother deep in the woods. Izzy has grown up with her mother, helping her with the chores, and making metal music together. One regular day Izzy runs into a mysterious teenager and uncovers some truth about her mother and the family. She finds out that her mother has been hiding things from her and that their family has a history of dark magic and witchcraft. She starts becoming distant from her mother as she starts being inclined toward magic.

2. The Innocents

The Innocents

What possibly can the kids do when left alone? This movie will leave some parents haunted. The movie is a supernatural thriller about a bunch of kids, it shows how a regular day turns into a series of dark incidents when the kids find out about their mysterious dark powers in their playtime. The kids starring in this movie have done a great job and will keep you high on sentiments. The directors have done a great job in filming the movie in a confined space of an apartment complex, which is shown as a great set up for kids to display their powers.

3. Sissy


The story revolves around two best friends, Cecilia and Emma. Who meet with each other after a decade. Emma invites Cecilia on her bachelorette where the events take an unexpected turn, Cecilia gets locked in a cabin with her childhood bully, that is when she develops a taste for revenge and the story takes a witchy turn. The movie is quite underrated, but was among the top movies of 2022. The good acting and unique take on the horror genre is a commendable job.

4. Saloum


This horror-thriller movie is about a group of mercenaries who get involved in drug extraction and now must lay low to survive. An unexpected turn of events makes them land their aeroplane in the middle of their journey. They land their plane in Saloum, a place with suspicious residents and supernatural things taking place in the difficult environment of the area. The movie starts with uncomfortable visuals and shows the survival of people stuck in a completely foreign place.

5. X


Starring Mia Goth and Jenna Ortega (none other than our very own Wednesday), this movie is made in the mid 90s theme. The story revolves around a girl Marine Minx who is on a road trip to Texas with her boyfriend and a group of friends. Marine aspires to be a pornographic actress. The group arrives at a farm, where the movie is meant to be shot, owned by an elderly couple. The couple, owning the land, doesn't like the activities going on in their farm and tries to kill the group of people one by one.

We end our list here, comment down some suggestions you might want us to review and get ready for a walk down a spooky lane. These horror movies were loved by the viewers and made their place among the top movies, in case you missed these, you have a chance now.

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