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1899, A Mind-bending Voyange For You

We all love a good cruise ship and a chance to travel on it will be welcomed any day but when Titanic came out, people must have had second thoughts. 1899 is a story of migrants travelling on a steamship called Kerberos, to start a new life in New York. Sounds something like Titanic? Well you’d be wrong to judge it so quickly because trust us, the show is not even close to the all time romantic Titanic movie.

About The Show -

1899 TV Show Poster

The show starts with a handful of passengers boarding the steamship named Kerberos to sail from England to New York City in the hope of changing their lives. A few months ago, the sister ship of Kerberos, named Prometheus, disappeared while traveling on the same route. In the beginning, the episode, when the first-class passengers were dining, a third-class passenger barged in begging to see a doctor but he was thrown out of the hall. A first-class passenger, Maura follows him into the third-class area. Maura helps the passenger, Krester, in resolving Tove’s umbilical cord. While voyaging on the ship, Maura gets a strange vision and she confronts the ship’s captain, Eyk, regarding the visions when she was advised to follow the ship’s rules.

The turn of events takes place when Eyk receives a message with a set of coordinates which he assumed were from the ship that went missing four months ago, the Prometheus. That is when strange things start to happen and people start to die. Prometheus was a total wreck but Eyk boards the ship along with Maura and some other passengers only to face the most deadly consequences.

Why should you watch it?

1899 - Netflix TV Show

Set in 1899, hence the name, this series is a historical-mystery drama with horror and supernatural stuff happening throughout the show. This series will surely give you chills.

1899 mostly received positive feedback but got some backlashes for the story being a little slow. Apart from that the actors have done a great job in playing their part and the story is indeed unique and hence you will not regret investing your time into this.

When you have stuck in a ship away from the land and other humans, and things start going south, it is always scary yet interesting to watch as the characters have nowhere to go. Being stuck on a ship with strange people is the last thing you want to happen to you. You may never wanna go on a hunt for a ship that mysteriously vanished 4 months ago because that is when all things went wrong with the passengers.

Viewers really loved the series according to the ratings and the stars. The producers also had ideas for two more seasons, but for some reason the show recently got canceled, which means we will not have more seasons to enjoy the spine-chilling journey :( . If you love psychological thrillers, this is it for you. Coming from the creators of DARK, this series has definitely kept the image intact with its mind-bending screenplay. The story is quite engaging and will keep you hypnotized into watching the whole series in one go, so you better get your coffee ready before you start the first episode.

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