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Get personalized Movies and TV shows recommendations

Despite browsing through diligently, switching across OTTs, checking various ratings and spending almost fifteen minutes, still couldn’t decide what to watch? Well, RecoBee is here…

RecoBee helps you to get recommendations from your close ones whose taste in movies and series matches with yours.

We will get you ratings from trusted sources while showing you recommendations from your friends whom you have selected to get recommendations from. You can in turn recommend them further.

Recommend your favorite movies or TV Shows

Reco Bee - Watch Movies Trailers, What to watch recommend movies and tv shows

Exchange recommended Movies and TV Shows with your personalized rating and comments with your friends and family.

Add Movies and TV shows to Watchlist

Add Movies and TV shows to Watchlist

You can add your favorite recommendations received from friends or RecoBee to your Watchlist, to watch it later.



It is easy to Search and add friends. RecoBee identifies your friends who are already using this App and you can choose to add them in your favorite group. You can easily categorize your friends and family in different groups to exchange personalized recommendations.

Search Movie or TV Shows

Use search feature if find your your movie or tv show you want to recommend. Make use of search filters like Genre and Language to see  results you wish for.

Movie Trailers

Watch a movie trailer to know if it has the right content to attract you.


Manage all your recommendations at one place. This will help you see recommendations based on your activity like new, sent, deleted and seen.

Manage Friends

You have complete freedom to block users if you do not wish to receive recommendation from them, or make your preferred friends as favorite. RecoBee will sort and show you recommendations received from your favorites on Home screen. 

Personalized Preferences

Choose your preferred Genre and Language to personalized your recommendations.

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